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Racks & Bags

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by Ed Woods, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Gearsack

  2. Ventura

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  3. Other (please advise)

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  1. I'm in the market for a new rear rack and bag...

  2. whats the bike?
    dont need one if you got an across :)
  3. 03 VFR800
  4. i got one and the boot , and you find the more room you have the more crap you carry.
    i got the rack , but no bag.
    but i find that i have a couple of differant size haversacks , and i change them to suit what i am carrying .
  5. Musty, you're such a sissy! :p What more do you need besides a change of undies and a hairdryer? Even I don't need that much luggage capacity.

    Although, I guess in your case, all that spakfilla would be pretty hefty.... :p

    I'll bet more than half of the netrider girls would pack lighter than you! :D
  6. I am a bit biased towards the rack :), easy to take the frame bit off when you don't want it, seen heaps down the island and I was actually surprised at my point of view because I thought it really spoiled the look of some sports bikes but it doesn't :) and you can have a pillion, One other option Andy Strapz another type of bag that you sit on the back looks good and no drilling into your bike web site is www.andystrapz.com phon/fax 9770 2207 he is out at Frankston, actually two wheels supports them :), great looking bags :)
  7. I've got a gearsack rack and a dri rider expanding bag , can carry a shit load of stuff
  8. Hi Ed,
    I've got a Ventura on my 03 and have had one replaced due to bending, I to had mine facing over the tail section of the bike and according to Ventura, the rack is supposed to sit over the seat. there is also only a 9kg weight limit. I have taken it to a metal shop & had them weld a couple of reinforcing rails along the plates...
    Just food for thought...
  9. I have a Ventura rack (less chunky than the gearsack) with a Gearsack pack borrowed from a mate of mine, Mine is sitting over the seat and if the pack is stuffed enough, I have a backrest for long rides :)
  10. <<Ventura rack and bag.Like you vfr swifty,mine hangs out over the back,as i cant reverse it and sit it over seat because pillion grab rail is in the way.9kg limit :shock:....with all my work gear on it i reckon i carry about 15-20 kgs.The ventura bag is expandable and can fit almost anything. :D
  11. Ventura rack combo, with the old style gearsack (tough as nails).
    With the way that I have it set up it is very easy to add/remove the L brackets when they are not needed.
    Personally I think that the L brackets alone are unsightly and a definite injury risk in an off.
  12. Can't believe I'm the only one who voted for the good 'ol Gearsack .


    Having said that I can't fit one on my bike :eek:

    Been using just a backpack for over a year now, still waiting to find somebody who can fit a rack to my VFR ('96) without losing the grab rails. :?
  13. With a perfectly good set of grab rails at the front of the bike why on earth do you need another set at the back? 8)
  14. The best is someone else's car.
  15. Or ride with someone with an Across :D :D
  16. 375ml * 24 cans = 9000ml = 9 litres = 9kg

    coincidence ?????? I think not !!!!! :D

  17. I bought a set of Hustler soft Pannier bags for $145.

    You can fit 30 cans in each bag.

    Not a bad investment I must say!
  18. I am getting an Andy Strapz bag in the next week or two as I dont want any hassle with bending / breaking racks and the only decent racking system is GIVI which is mucho $$$

  19. I bought a R Jay's seat bag not long ago and it's just great - no rack no drama and only $99.
    Took it on our weekend away to the high country, 1004kms and not a problem and could fit heaps of crap in!

  20. And if you get one now before 31/1 from Peter Stevens, you'll get 10% off!!! :p :p :p Like I did eh :p