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Rack on sports bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Birdy, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Just bought an 07 blade...

    Used my Ventura rack on my previous bike every now and then...

    Has anybody put a rack on their sports bike? Aside from the obvious aesthetic differences, is there a reason why I shouldn't out one of these things on? Does it get in the way? Does it affect handling? I have no idea.

    Every now and then I go away for a couple days and a rack becomes useful. I just don't see them very often on sports bikes so wondering if anybody had any thoughts or experience on the matter.

  2. plenty of people have them on sportbikes.. its a matter of individual taste i find..some people like.. so dont... apparently it wrecks the look of the bike... but i will take practicality over looks.... i have one for my 675... and lucky for me.. its only 3 bolts.. so when i dont need it.. i just take it off.. but excellent for weekends away
  3. I've got one on mine. I do find it effects handling, but the Trumpy is sensitive to weight distribution.

    I'd take a tank bag over a rack, but I have a plastic tank and the bike came with the rack.
  4. Thanks guys.

    I'll see how easy the rack is to take on and off.

    Would be nice to have just in case.

    Thanks again.
  5. Get yourself a seat bag/tail bag. Mine is 36lt and converts to a backpack when off the bike :wink:
  6. Get yourself a pillion with a decent rack - they look good on sports bikes...
  7. would put a whole new meaning to 'boob jam'.. could get dangerous..
  8. If you don't mind me askin, which tail bag do you have? Haven't come across any that size that don't wobble all over the shop...

  9. They can be a bit of a mixed bag so to speak.
    Haven't had much luck with them myself.
  10. I've actually just picked up this for myself for Xmas http://www.motonational.com.au/product_details.php?pid=1096 ($119 rural)
    Seat mounted as I dont like the look of racks (pillions excepted :LOL: )

    I cant find the link to the backpack model.
  11. Here's a nice rack on a sports bike

  12. Very nice...

    Anybody ever had experience using the Andy Strapz products?... they seem like they work...

    Thanks for the link 2wheelsagain...
  13. You bought the wrong blade, my 2000 model can fit wet weather gear, several farm animals, a few small adults and my lunch for the day.

    I'm going to be trying to find a rack for mine in the next little while, with some trips planned.