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Rack luggage for non ventura racks?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ShortBloke, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Apologies if this question has been asked previously however I'm in the market for a rag bag of some sort, preferably on the lower end of the price scale.
    My requisites are: a rain cover, adequate space for an overnighter and ability to attach to the rack securely.
    I've (hopefully!) attached a picture of my rack for reference/aid in reccomendation.

    Anyone have any experiences with luggage that would work with the rack?

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  2. CT-110?
    The majority just flog the matching coles basket...
    Or bolt a topbox onto it if you need it to be secure.
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  3. Close, DF125 with road tyres. Cheers.
  4. Would something such as an Rjays "City" rack pack work on a rack like this?
  5. Having got the bigger 'poptop' rjays bag I would say no, fantastic bag though.
    It really needs to be slipped over the top of a vertical rack so it doesn't slide off .

    If you have a some scrap metal and a welder you could easily modify your existing rack to have a vertical piece which would make it work well.
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  6. Great idea, might just do that!
    I really need a quick-fix in the meantime though, mainly for my lunch and work clothes/rain gear for commuting to work. Using a backpack is not ideal for me, long term.
  7. Two octopus straps over your backpack ?
    Any trimmer would be able to add some tie down straps or loops to a good bag, or just some patches to create sleeves for your tie down straps to go through.
    Just have to find a reasonable bag to suit your initial requirement, or touring needs. I don't know that you will find one to do both.
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  9. Thanks so much for these links!
    I've been wondering: would a tail pack/bag have enough attachment points to work with my rack? I'd ideally like to just get a bag which could either use small cinch straps or heavy duty occy straps to attach it to the rack.
    Ideally with a raincover.
  10. Normally a tail bag would have 4 or six attachment points, and should come with a rain cover.
    I've got a tail & tank bag, which has 2 octopus straps attached, which is 4 mounts, plus a 2" Velcro strap in the middle, and a small 1" side release buckle if you need it.
    There are quite a few sizes and variations available but the oxfords are pretty good.
    Mines only 18 litres, which is handy, but not very large.
    A friend has the one shown in the link which is huge.
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  11. Thanks so much Stever42, you've been a real help and it's greatly appreciated!
    Think I might just go get a tank bag.