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Rack & Bag for VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VC, May 23, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend a rack & bag to suit a VTR250? I spoke to a shop and they recommended a Ventura rack & bag for $340! That seems a bit steep. Does anyone have other (cheaper) suggestions? I have heard about Givi systems but don't know what they look like or how much they cost. Cheers.

  2. I have the Ventura on the VTR, and they are about $340, but the bag is a good size. They are so easy to fit and remove, if you go for a Ventura don't forget to get a grab bar for when you don't have the rack on the bike.

    You are actually paying about $100 for the mount, then $80 for the rack and about $160 for the bag. But the problem with Ventura is they don't sell the mount and rack separetly unless you already have a Ventura bag, of which the make you cut the tag out to prove you have a bag.

    Just a bit of extra info in case you didn't know.
  3. Sounds about right for Ventura. Bags are around $130 to $150 and the frame about $180-$190.

    Find out the fitting number, check to see if any other bikes out there use the same fittings.

    Search eBay, classifieds, wreckers.

    Look for people selling their bike with racks, they might consider selling the rack and bag to you separately. 2nd hand bags are going for around $90 on eBay.

    Other manufacturers are probably around the same price. I have a Ventura rack and a couple of bags (they zip together). I use mine everyday. A very handy piece of kit.
  4. I picked up a rack for my ZZR250 for $60 at the wreckers. Just have to call around, keep a look out for them.
  5. Man...is that how much the frames cost. I bought my bike with a genuine Ventura frame. Was thinkning of taking it off, I think it does nothing to improve the looks of the bike (mind you the CB250 is not that sexy anyway...:LOL:) and I don't really think I'll have the need for it at any point. Was thinking of getting rid of it but now I know how much, I might take just keep it...:LOL:
  6. The Ventura Rack needed for a VTR250 is No.18, some of these racks are universal, but the brackets are not. I was lucky the TTR uses the same size rack as the VTR so I only needed to buy the brackets.
  7. Thanks all. It looks like I might have to put a few more pennies in the piggy bank first for a new one. But I think I might put the money towards a pair of boots before I get the rack... safety first! :)
  8. i've got a mate (Sydney) who has a brand new rack and bag for a VTR250 that he's trying to get rid of for $200.

    if anyone's interested, PM me and i'll pass on his email.
  9. I'm interested! But I need 10 posts to PM you... and I think this one makes 10. So I'll PM you soon. ;)
  10. Just PMed you.