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Racing terminology explanation (Privateer, works...)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by vOOdsy, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. After watching the Spanish MotoGp and reading a few threads here I was wondering if anyone can explaine the defination/differences/similarities between a "works", "privateer" and "factory" ride.

    Thx :wink:

  2. A factory rider has sponsorship predominantly from the manufacturer and aworks rider would be allowed access to new and trial technology. Part of their job would be to assess and provide feedback on the new bits.
    A privateer is being sponsored by himself, a generous beneficiary or someone outside the Factory.
  3. I don't know about MotoGP, but for Superbikes Ducati used to produce "customer" race bikes for around $100-120K. These could be bought and raced by local and privateer teams in series like the Aust Superbikes.
  4. Traditionally, "works" and "factory" were interchangeable terms, indicating riders who rode for the manufacturer, the "works"

    That's becoming a little more blurred now as factories set up so-called "satellite" teams that have access to the factory for support and parts and are sponsored, in part by the factory. So teams like Telefonica, for example, are a "works" team but not a "factory" team.

    Privateers are as the name implies.

    The same situation also applies in SBK where all of the Japanese manufacturers who are involved are supporting "works" teams rather than being directly involved in the support at the "factory" level.

    Having said that, most experts agree that the Yamaha Europe Team and the Ten Kate Honda Team, for example, are effectively factory teams.
  5. Factory - someone else foots the bill if/when you bin it.
    Works - your partly responsible for it if/when you bin it.
    Privateer - oh man your screwed if/when you bin it.

    ...But thats just my slightly shallow opinion of it all; and thats all based on Rallying not bike racing... so again, lines might be blurred.
  6. A very neat and understandable way of expressing it!
  7. Sidecar passengers are known as Swingers, Counter Weights or just plain crazy.

    Someone once compared Sidecars with a Rock & Roll band in that the Rider would be the Drummer and the Swinger would be the Roadie :p :LOL: