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Racing stripes tank design?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Ampto, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Going to get my tank sprayed after i pull out and fix up a fist sized dent in it after a drop, rather then get it resprayed just Italian red again i thought i would add some stripes to make it unique

    Here's what i was thinking of, its going on a Honda firestorm, which one would suit it more? Stripes seem to have died out on Honda's after the cb750's but i still lov'em.


    Bare in mind my horrible Photoshop skills and the lines thickness aren't set.
  2. My vote goes to the right hand side design.
  3. Yep, Parker's got taste. RH-side's much better.
  4. The right hand design is better, but what about making the centre stripe a lot thicker?
  5. +1 - exactly this.
  6. Why don't you do it with a whiteboard marker to see what it will look like?
  7. I have with some black electrical tape, i think i will go with the right design, i just don't know weather to paint them on under the clear coat or just get vinyls, paint always looks better in my opinion.
  8. I would be inclined to get it sprayed red and then get the stripes made up as decals. It will probably be significantly cheaper, the stripes will look as good if not better, and if you don't like it you can take them off.
  9. i understand decals could be cheaper, but the whole tank has to be resprayed once i beat out the dent anyhow. i plan on keeping this bike as my main putt around until it falls apart so i'm not worried about difficulty selling later on, as long as i like it :D
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't be too worried about any affect on resale either way. Even though you need to get the whole tank resprayed, respraying a tank in 1 colour is a lot simpler, cheaper and harder to fuck up than masking and painting stripes. That said, given that it's your bike and you sound like you've thought about it, I would just go with whatever you can afford and think will look best.
  11. The one on the left if you thicken up the stripes and offset them so one is center.
  12. just use the electrical tape to make the stripe why pay someone for it, it will look like nearly as good.
  13. There's also things like the 3M Carbon-Fibre-Look Vinyl sheets - not really my thing, but faux-carbon stripes might look OK under clear?
  14. i was thinking of getting the whole tank wrapped in that, but i'm not really into it, i would prefer real carbon.