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NSW Racing: St George MCC Rd 1 at EC (SMP) 9 & 10 Feb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I haven't posted any of these for a few years since there didn't appear to be too much interest. But with so many doing track days I'm hoping some may find it worthwhile, maybe even tempt some to consider gridding up.

    This is the opening club race of the year for NSW and will have a wide range of bikes and classes and racers. Spectating is relatively cheap and everyone has access to the pits so you get to see it all up close.

    More information here: http://www.stgeorgemcc.com/pg_rrace.php

    Hope some of you will make it out there.

  2. Out of interest whats the costs for a weekend event likely to run?
    Always been keen on the idea, be a few years before I'm fast enough though I'd imagine. Won't be able to make it down this weekend but I'll try come down and watch one of the next Wakefield ones.
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    Club membership: $30 (annual)
    MA Racing License: $275 (annual)
    Entry cost: $450 (additional $75 for cross entry) per round

    After that it's pretty much like a track day. If you're fast, you can go through a rear tyre and a lot of a front but if you're on a lower capacity bike you may see a set of tyres for every second round, it's similar to doing 2 track days back to back,

    Excluding travel, as a rough guide, an average club racer will put aside $750 to $1000 for the weekend.
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  4. Jump on rats forum for onboard footage guys or youtube Sydney motor sports park St george
  5. I've joined St George and my MA license is on its way. I'm in the process of lock wiring my bike.

    I'm planning to compete in 600 clubsport since my bike is an 07.

    It's a shame there isn't a race day at EC for a while..

    I'm doing a track day at wakefeild in 2 weeks, I need to learn that track ASAP.
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  6. Is your track bike a 675? If so then BEARs will be an option for cross entry, if you've the energy.

    If you want a soft entry to racing, the Race Your Mates is a fun way start: http://www.formula-xtreme.com.au/xtremema.nsf/CalendarPage?openform

    Feel free to PM me if you need any help at all.

    And don't forget to clain your $20 refund when you do an EC track day once you have your MA licence.
  7. Thanks heaps!

    It's a CBR600RR. I've seen the race ya mates thing, you read my mind that's exactly what I was planning to start out with. I'm going my first wakefield day in a few weeks, next step will be to enter the race your mates thing (and hopefully race my actual mates :D).

    I'm a little nervous about racing TBH, I'm hoping I'll be ready for it by November (I think that's the next St George Eastern Creek meet). I had my first taste of red group at a ride day on tuesday. I moved up for the last session. I was doing fine in it but I was told it was a slow day for red on that day.
  8. If you're comfortable in either of the 2 two fast groups at EC you should be fine to race. With 5 lap races, if you're in the low 1:50s at the old GP circuit you won't be lapped and you'll have someone to dice with. If you're in the mid 40s, you'll be lapping me :) Good luck with it!
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    Yeh I'm normally being held up in green. It's hard to say since they don't do track days on the GP track. My best time on the GP track (with T6) was 1.53 but that was on my stock daytona with road tyres in 2011.

    On Tuesday on the full circuit I did a best of 2.13 with traffic and was hovering around the 2.15-16 mark.