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Racing Races !!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wino, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. So if your like me, we end up watching all sorts of bike racing regardless, if it is the mid season break or just another day i search for bike racing from all over the world. I will always be a GP and WSBK and ROAD RACING guy. I watch speedway a lot because of the australian presence and the Ice racing in europe is just mental. Trials, I dont see enough of, the commentators talk about bike control as far as the moto and supers go but hey, have you seen some of the control the trials riders have ? Indoor and outdoor ? SHeeeet !!

    Anyway if you got a race or a time trial in the mud the sand or . . .. you love post it here, post your memories of races that you think were a cracker this thread is about racing and the odd crash.

    lol check out the start line fiasco

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  4. jeez, 8 wide on the grid, four wide down the back straight, those guys were mad....
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  5. Akira Yanagawa 1998.
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  6. can you remeber the usa race where AKIRA got taken out at the corkscrew and lost his 2 front teeth ?
  7. I think this is the one Laguna seca.
  8. Thanks guy's. This is great. Looking forward to watching all of this.
  9. Oh yeah - love this thread
  10. This was for the 2011 bsb championship.
  11. I thought the commentator was going to get a heart attack there at one stage.
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  12. Just a little bit biased being a VFR400 racer myself

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  13. Don't know how many know of Paul Lewis, but the guy had mad skills.

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  14. Bathurst.

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  15. Another place lost

  16. this is a great topic winowino, I think I'll be spending a lot of time in here!
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  17. Also if you have a personnel story to go with your race, lap or memory take the time to share it with us.

    I'll start. A mate OD said at the fire in the morning Schwantz will fall over in the first 3 laps of the last 3 laps .. . .well Kev fell down in the last 3 laps.

    and sure enough he did . .. sadly after Kev fell off he ran in to a fully fueled OD and me and rusty and despenudus ( aka the greek god )

    OD fronts Kev in the pit lane ( at the time Kev had internal injures but was up and about that he did not give up to )

    OD says your a fcuking idiot and if I had my way Magee would have your bike and you would never touch a 2 stroke again.

    Oh really, replies Kev . . .. . . .and loads up a right hand .. . . . I think you deserve a punch in the fcuking head

    who then got grabbed by his team, but Kev was going to have a go at my mate big time. LOL

    I remember being back at our camp fire that night which we all had to pack up and run from.. the next day.

    but that night OD thought out loud, "What if he hit me ?"
  18. hahaha I loved watching Kev race, full of testosterone and either he'd bin it or he'd have a freakin' blinder. loved to mono after a win also, what a champ, a bloody legend. I was a zook fan in those days.
  19. You should recognise a big name or 2 here.

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