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Racing on 10hd

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Channel 10 HD have just started the F1 race, with the motogp next.

  2. OK, the car race is done, now for the bikes.
  3. Gotta love the extra channels at times :)
  4. You got that right.
  5. the 10hd coverage goes for longer then the 10sd channel too, which starts much later...
    Shame my PVR only records SD.
  6. Found out about this site a couple of weeks ago.

    Only waited to spread the info because I wanted to verify the that what was promised, matched what was delivered.


    live stream of motogp.com without the cost.

    does chew thru the download limit a bit......

    Watched both the 125 & 250 races, UNLIKE 10 SD or HD that only show the barest snippets of the 125's.
  7. Just a shame they're not broadcast outside of Melbourne :(.
    Instead all we get is pretty much non-stop stock HD footage (very, very occasionally they might mirror the SD broadcast).
  8. Foxtel gives you all three races from start to finish as well as the press conferences, etc.

    Of course Foxtel is Pay TV but you get what you pay for, I just wish I wasn't paying for the constant replays of programmes especially on the doco channels.
  9. Should only be a few more months.
  10. I think it's great to have the motogp on ten, but how SHIT is the commentary from Beattie and that other muppet! All they do is talk about what the latest rumours are and barely anything about the race itself! I had to turn the sound down last night it was pissing me off that much. :roll:
  11. I agree, almost put me to sleep with their monotone ranting..
  12. It's one of the reasons I have Foxtel!

    Seriously, subscribe to the Motogp channel. You can do it race by race and the quality is more than ok.
  13. The commentators on Foxtel are great - they are the Eurosport english language commentators, with randy mamola (ex GP rider) in the pits. Really well informed. I've also downloaded their FP and qualifying coverage too, its great.
  14. I really really want to do that Cejay, but cashola just isn't available to do that at the moment. I'm going to try a P2P program for the next race and see how I go :)
  15. Nah, they're not. The commentators on Foxtel are the Dorna Worldwide feed. The pit lane commentator is a new bloke who's replaced Mark Bracks.

    Eurosport have their own people (and Randy is the pit lane man).
  16. You're right, my error. The eurosport coverage is fantastic, better than the races.
  17. How do you get the Eurosport feed? AFAIK it isn't available in Aus.
  18. I download it via bittorrent from racingunderground.com. It is generally available 4 or 5 hours after the race or after FP2 (Friday) or Qualifying (saturday). Mamola is very good on technical stuff.
  19. Mamola should be. He has been in international racing since he was a teenager.
  20. anyone know what time the race is on 10hd?