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Racing Clubs in Sydney

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by paulmoran, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Id love to get involved in racing (probably 125 racing to start with) ...

    Are there any clubs / meets / etc in or around sydney that run a "Competition" or "Championship" type thing for amateurs ?


  2. There are a few clubs in the Sydney area so have a look at this link which is the Links page from the Motorcycling NSW website, it may help:- http://www.motorcycling.com.au/pg_disp.asp?page=p10

    You mention that you want to race with the likely bike being a 125cc but you need to be aware that opportunities to race the 125cc strokers is limited in NSW with few meetings (not including national level).

    As such you may be better to look at alternate classes that offer a greater variety and number of races (ie. 400cc) but all this comes down to the mighty dollar and what you want to spend, together with your age and experience.

    Ask away as there are many people within this forum who have experience racing or officiating at races and your will get good answers (most of the time anyway :grin: ).

    EDIT: Have a look at this thread as well as it was along similar lines https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=28658&highlight=

  3. St George Motorcycle Club, Willoughby District Motorcycle Club and Bankstown Wiley Park Motorcycle Club have between them run thousands of race meetings, at Oran Park, Amaroo when it was open, and other venues. Contact one or all of them....

    And here's something a little bit different, and not too expensive

  4. A good cheap way of getting into racing is with the PCRA. New Era class means you can race any bike made before 11/95.

    There are a number of RS125 Hondas running, or you can buy nearly anything from the era for under $4K

    We're racing this weekend 6 May at Wakefield Park. feel free to come along, walk through the pits, and have a chat with a few of the guys. Trust Me, nobody doesn't want to talk about their bike (Stay away from the ones with smoke/steam coming out of them!)

  5. Bankstown / Wiley park seems to be effectively defunct. St George and East Coast Road Race Series are the two general series running, although only St George of those is a club. PCRA, BEARS, MRDDA are another 3 more specialised options. A lot depends on how old you are, what type of bike you want to race, how serious are you etc. Why not tell us more and we can share some of the options with you?
  6. Paul (and everybody else)

    PCRA round 3 at Oran Park this sun 10 Jun.

    Brave the weather and come and watch the action.

  7. Already there, well booked to be standing around waving coloured thingos at those adventurous enough to try to stay upright on two wheels in this bloody weather.

  8. In which case Garry, Thanks Heaps.

    The club is always in need of flaggies, and we don't get to race without you, so we really do appreciate your efforts.

    Anyone else keen on becoming involved in racing, but without actually getting on the track, think about coming along as an official. No experience needed for our level, but you can gain experience which could see you getting a gig as a flaggie at MotoGP or WSBK, or any other event. I've got a friend in Melbourne who races bikes with the Preston Club, and he's flagged at the F1 and the Indy cars.

    Free entry to the event, lunch provided, training supplied, and you get to watch the racing from one of the best spots on the track. Not to mention that you'll have the undying gratitude of everybody whose racing. :grin: