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racing, break even cost mark?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by abvc, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. what is the break even position in racing?

    as for example, would an entry in supersport be suffice to support living cost, and some saving for superannuation

  2. En Anglais, S'il vous plait?

    Do you mean World Supersport? Few of those riders make an adequate living. The local guys here mostly have other jobs, very few are solely riders.
  3. hm ok :?
  4. If within Australia, the answer is no, not even close. There may be a handful of Aussie Superbike riders who actually earn enough to not have another job, but I doubt it.

    If in the UK or the USA, then yes. Many racers at the national level in those countries actually earn enough from sponsorship to make a comfortable living.

    It has often been postulated that this is exactly why so many Australians do so well on the world stage. They're so bloody hungry, and know that there's nothing to fall back on in their home country.
  5. If you want to earn a living in motorcycle racing in OZ, become a mechanic.
  6. you'd wanna be damn good ;)
  7. Ha ha ha!

    I've been racing for over 30 years and I don't own a thing.....nothing!

    I finished 9th outright (first privateer) in the Australian Superbike Championships in 1995, I ran used tyres all year, I would give Peter Doyle (then team Kawasaki crew chief) a slab of VB stubbies for a used set of tyres at each meeting. Back then the promoters would pay $400 start money and the year still cost me $59k. I still had a full time job that only paid me $32k (lucky I had a wife then to help me pay for it).
  8. Johnny, get some bux up for the hughie. First weekend in dec
  9. Thanks Rog, I wanted to ride last weekend but I still don't have a vehicle to carry my bike yet.

    The faster you ride, the more one has to spend to ride safely (good suspension, new tyres).

    Don't worry, I'll be back, just as soon as my body & bank account have healed :wink:
  10. Surely you are right for bags, or did you swap them for food? You missed a good one johnny. Toz set a new lr with the same rears as I gave you.
  11. man 59k a year is... amazing
  12. 59k

    Yep, johnny o is a legend and a top A grade privateer, the sad fact is that now you would need more than 100k to do what he did.

    But the good news is that entry level road racing can be a similar cost to ride days and you get a lot more track time for your bucks.
    and it is much more fun and exciting than repititious ride days
    ask any roadracer...... eh johnny o??

    There is a relatively new class that is gathering momentum, designed for entry level racing called Twin Sprint. You can get the bike on the track for a lot less than a Supersport.
    If you just concentrated on the Interclub meetings plus the Hughie Hoare and maybe the Vic Champs it would cost a lot less than going fishing.

    If you wish to race in the Australian titles you will need the big bucks

    Some netriders are racing in this class. Check out the Victorian Road Race titles thread, the final race was held last weekend and I am sure they will give you some tips on getting started.

    But please, if you join this class, no more red bikes on the grid.... the lap scorers can't pick the difference between each competitor and nor can the commentators.

    All the best if you give it a go.
  13. I felt it necessary to do a whole bunch of trackdays before having a crack at racing, just to make sure I wouldnt be a rolling chicane. In hindsight it wouldnt have really mattered even if I were really really slow (as opposed to now where im just really slow). It's been insanely exciting, and I've been improving at a much greater pace with races over trackdays.

    I'm hooked now.

    For the record, I race supermoto and race + practice day prior to the event is cheaper than many road race ridedays by themselves, but more expensive to get into than the vtwin class if you want to go new over 2nd hand.

  14. mmm, a bit tongue in cheek perhaps, but the SV650S is only shipped in Red. Seeing as the bikes were brand new, it's not feasible to pain the tanks from a perfectly nice deep red to some other colour. Likewise, with the cowlings and seat units, our first thought wasn't to try a new colour scheme and as for identification I thought that's what the numbers (correct colour, font and matte finish background) were for?!

    As for cost, the meeting entry fees are either the same as or more expensive than a track day at the same event. But that's not what I did it for. The sheer excitement of racing is so much more than anything I've done before. Close passing, trying 100% for an entire race is totally different than a track day (at least for me). I will still do track days, but racing is totally addictive, insance fun and the sense of community is quite palpable. Everyone is so helpful. It's great to see racers, when they're not out, watching other people race, just being part of it is so much fun.
  15. I remember Westy's remark "It's either this or McDonalds" ... shows you the dedication so good on him and GO KWAKA!!
  16. Compared to racing, track days are gay.
  17. Race>Track Day>Street Riding>Commuting.

    IMHO. :grin:
  18. Yep, devo. you have it in the right order
  19. Racing

    Looks like I've been talked into racing my outfit @ the Hughie Hoare meeting. I'd better get my sh*t toether & fix the bike. I can't remember if I've got any tyres left I haven't used up. Better see if I can scrounge some up! About time I got off my ar*e & got back into it again, haven't actually race for 2.5 years. I think I can still do it, which way does the track go & whats the lap record!!!!!!!??????????? :LOL: