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Racing BMW's

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. With BMW getting lots more interested in performance bikes these days and things like the Boxer Cup being very popular in Europe, I thought I'd highlight a bit of BMW racing history here in Australia.

    In the middle 1970's local BMW importers, working particularly through Tom Byrne Motorcycles, their Sydney retailer, tried very hard to win the Castrol Six Hour Production race at Sydney's Amaroo Park Raceway.

    They were finally rewarded when Victorian ace, the late, great Kenny Blake, teamed with Joe Eastmure, a customs clerk from Sydney and won the 1977 race aboard an R100/7.

    The picture enclosed was taken by me during that race in the Dunlop Loop at the back of the circuit.

    Rocker covers were replaced at each fuel stop and the BMW, with superior fuel consumption was able to beat the favoured Kawasakis by having one less fuel stop.

  2. german oggy knobs :LOL:
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  4. does the 6 hour race still exist??

    I remember a 24hour car race but what happened to it??
  5. No, unfortunately it doesn't. The last one was at Oran Park in 1987. By then production bikes had become so reliable that the importers took the view that the race really wasn't proving anything anymore and the concept died. It WAS for strictly stock standard production bikes.

    Sad, I'd LOVE to see the concept revived.
  6. Absolutely love stock racing.

    Standard stock, off the showroom floor is the only true racing.

    How can you say you will buy a H*, k*, S*, or Hold*, or For* or whatever. Those machines are nothing like what you buy.

    I mean why buy a Yam because Rossi is winning? He did the same on a Honda. SO which is better?

    In pommie land and Europe they still race prod cars. Great stuff and you can guage which car to buy.


  7. Bwahhahahaaaaahhha (wipe tears)...
    thanks for that one :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. can't claim it as my own, saw it on another thread yesterday... just spreading the love. :LOL:
  9. Thanks anyway, mate
    That was a ripper.
  10. In the same vein, here are two photos taken on the peerless German rider, Helmut Dahne, who was brought out here several times in the mid-to-late 70's to compete in the Six Hour race for BMW.

    The first one is on an R90S in the 1976 race. Amaroo Park was very short, just 1.9 kms and very tight, and the BMW's were at a distinct disadvantage there. The previous year, they had actually won the race, but were disqualified afterwards when scrutineering turned up unauthorised spacers in the front forks that had been put there to lift the front end and keep the rocker covers off the deck more.

    The BMW team were to later show that the spacer was an authorised BMW part, but since it was an optional rather than standard part, the disqualification stood.


    The second picture is from the 1977 race which BMW did win with Blake/Eastmure and, from memory, Dahne and Tony Hatton finished 4th on this R100S


    Ancient history to a lot of forum members, I know, but a fascinating part of the past nonetheless.

    (photos by me)
  11. Lovely
    A few years back I saw a couple of 60s vintage airhead racebikes with nylon sliders fitted to the top and bottom of the rocker covers. When worn, they would flip them over.

  12. Yeh, during the Six Hours they used to do that to the left hand one because Amaroo only had one real left hander so they didn't get worn much on that side; the right hand one needed a replacement at every stop, cos it was nearly all right hand corners.