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VIC Racing bikers hit and run

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fekkinell, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Bikers leave frail old lady for dead preston
    Article from: Sunday Herald Sun

    Anthony Dowsley
    April 12, 2009 12:00am
    TWO motorbike riders were racing each other when a frail old lady was struck and left for dead, police say.
    Joan Stafford, 69, was on life-support after emergency surgery last night and was not expected to live.
    Police are hunting two speed demons, riding side-by-side, who left her lying in Plenty Rd, Preston, yesterday.
    Ms Stafford, the eldest of 10, was hit soon midday by a 1000cc blue and white R1 or R6 model Yamaha.
    Cousin Sue Moors described Mrs Stafford as a sweet, frail woman. She said Ms Stafford loved walking and was an identity in Preston, a suburb she had barely left her entire life.
    "It's unthinkable,'' she said. "How could anyone possibly do that. I can't believe someone wouldn't stop and render assistance to a frail lady. There's nothing of her. She's just a little old lady.
    "She never drank or smoked in her life. She's never hurt a fly. I can't understand how this could happen.''
    Ms Moors said the motorbike riders should come forward and tell police what happened.
    They were heading north when Ms Stafford was hit.
    Investigators believe both riders tried to take evasive action, but neither rider stopped to help the badly injured woman.
    She was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital suffering injuries to her upper body and a fractured leg.
    Both riders continued north, turning left into Wood St. The bike that hit Ms Stafford lost an indicator and sustained damage to a clutch lever, mirror and to its fairing.
    Witnesses told police the riders were racing shortly before the accident.
    "There is some evidence at this stage that indicates potential bad driving on the part of the two motorcycles,'' Sen-Sgt Brad Peters said. "We believe there's a possibility they were racing with each other.
    "Once again, it's outrageous conduct on the roads, especially during the Easter period.''
    Sen-Sgt Peters said he was certain the rider who hit Ms Stafford would know what he had done.
    "It's extremely callous someone would mow a pedestrian down and leave the scene of the crash, leave somebody on the road to potentially die or be at the mercy of the injuries suffered,'' he said.
    "Somebody will know who the driver of this motorcycle is, purely from the damage on the bike. Somebody will know what's happened here.
    "We're appealing for the rider of the motorcycle to come forward. We will find you. It's a matter of time before we track you down.''
    Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Sooo.... If anyone on an R1 needs an indicator and a clutch lever, show restraint before flattening their testicles. :evil:
  2. This is an unspeakably sad event, leaving aside the sensationalism of the report. It is utterly repugnant and beyond ANY excuse that any motorist or rider should leave a person injured and not render assistance :(.
  3. this is dispicable act and the person who done it should come forward.
  4. yeah thats not good at all.
  5. I am dumbfounded.

    Motorcyclists - our own worst enemy!
  6. Minority Motorcyclist = Ruining it for everyone.

    If the rider who did this doesn't have the mojo to own up, thne his/her chickenshit riding partner should.
  7. no shit sherlock

    i got a blue white R6 :shock:
    and its not a 1000cc
  8. as if you wouldnt know.. im suprised the rider didnt crash/fall off.
  9. I am not

    I am not aggressive guy by nature but idiots like this make it so easy for me to have thoughts about tying them to the back of my motorbike and dragging them down the street.
  10. To hit and hurt someone riding or driving and leave them for dead is the lowest thing another person can do to another human being.

    This makes my blood boil that they didn't stop and render help.

    I hope they get them both and throw the book at them. Scum.
  11. If I saw these assholes, I'd ram my fist into their skulls and hopefully knock some sense into those negative-IQ brains of theirs.
    To do what they have done (yes, both !) is totally unthinkable.

    Reminds me of the time when a rider whizzed past me, from behind, out of nowhere, missing me by the narrowest of safe margins, at a speed more than double mine. If I caught that guy, I would send him to hospital for life.

    I hope the old lady lives through this ordeal, such an innocent person being mowed down by irresponsible F***WITS !!!! Yes, you could say my blood is boiling also !
  12. All thats bad.

    Unfortunately this sort of thing is becoming more common the more society becomes more material and greedy. The "me, me, me, me" ideology doesn't allow for thinking of what happens to anyone else.

    The jerk was out having a good time for himself, and obviously he wasn't really that interested in giving the rest of the road users, and pedestrians, a second thought, even for their own safety.

    So, I'm not surprised that these guys left this lady for dead. You can't be a "me, me, me" person if you have any consideration for anyone else's life. That's why they left the scene. Can't be resposible for your own actions, who knows what will happen to you and your precious toys and liberty.

    I just hope that what skerick of a conscience these two have left is now burning a white hot hole through their self centered egotistic arses.

    I just can't understand it. I live in the country, and I've hit and killed more animals than I care to think about. But I'll stop even for a injured animal. So how can these bastards knowingly leave a human being lying in the middle of the road FFS?

    If they find them, they should be publicly flogged, and banned for life from operating road going vehicles; after they get out of prison.
  13. Re: All thats bad.

    Sorry mate, but you're on the wrong forum to have this viewpoint. Apparently there is nothing wrong with todays society :roll:
  14. Re: All thats bad.

    +1 Dougz
  15. Sadly not even close. Hell it was not even deliberate.

    But its low enough that you would rather not share the planet with em.. for sure.
  16. I've only got two things to say on this subject.

    If you're the person involved and reading this be a man and take responsibility for your actions.

    If you know who it is force them to take responsibility for thier actions or just dob them in.

    Enough said.

  17. Alright, I'm going to say it - those guys on the security camera footage didn't look like they were going real quick. AND this is purely speculation, but riding through that area often, a hell of a lot of pedestrians take it upon themselves to cross without looking, sometimes directly in front of me.

    Anyway, that being said, the thought of someone hitting anyone and not stopping to render assistance (News reports said they even slowed down after) is abhorrent.
  18. good to see the media and police have sorted out what happened already, geez most would think i am racing when pulling a way from traffic lights (so what i want to make some clear space for myself, and if i do it with another motorcycle then i am racing :roll: ) secondly why was she on the road, was she crossing at lights?? still like lost of media reports lots of other important info missing :roll: either way i feel sorry for all parties involved until all info is provided :( the only winner in this is the evil media again :evil:
  19. you know, theres the devils advocate side...

    Which is...
    Thereotical : Cruising along, you hit a pedestrian who steps out in front of you, you know witnesses saw it and will assist them....in this litigious day and age, would you stop? You *know* speed will be mentioned/supposed by the anti bike / anti hoon culture around such things, as we see already.

    Sure, you hit someone, but it was an accident and you know they will get assistance before you could even stop and do a u-turn. It may have even been their fault, but you also know nowadays that even so your 90% likely to have your life fcuked up by a drawn out criminal and civil legal process....would you *really* stop?

    FWIW , I *probably* would.