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Racing Bike Registration

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dez, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys.

    I'd like to import my racing bike abroad. I have a question. Can I use it on the track without registration. Also, can I fell free during the transportation. Do you have any rules abut type of trailer. My problem is I don't know Australian low. For example, in some Europeans counties I have to carry my bike in closed trailer, moreover some rules forcing me to do it in a aerodynamic trailer. Thanks in advance.

  2. So what state of Australia are we talking about here Dez??

    You should be able to register for road use any bike which complies with the relevant laws of the state you call home, it will need to comply with emmission laws & have the usual head & tail lights fitted to it which is not usually found on racing models.

    As for open trailers, I see plenty of them being used around and at race meetings, many people used enclosed trailers to protect the bike/s and allow storage of the tools and stuff inside as well.
  3. you do NOT need registration to run on the track, the bike must pass Scrutineering (safty check).

    Bike can be transported any way you like, trailer, van, aeroplane etc. etc there are no rules on what type of trailer ass long as it meets road laws.
  4. BIG THANKS!!! Great news for me. I predicted questions about the region, but I'd like to use my bike in different tracks. I understand that for road I must have all part of bike. Firstly my bike had all part, and I hope I will find it, nevertheless I prefer to use my bike on tracks only. So, it is good news that I can carry my bike without registration on a trailer. Thanks.

    As I know the Eastern Creek track is located next to the city. Do you have noise level limitation on the track. I have 110 db, but sometimes I cannot use my bike because of 93 db limit.
  5. The 95 noise limit is a 30 meter ride by limit. That means they take the measurement as you ride past, 30 meters away from the sound meter.

    Also, if you're planning on competing at National Level (perhaps even state level) you may need an Australian complianse plate on your bike.
    But if you're only doing the clubs or track days you probably don't need to worry about that.

    Details from Eastern Ride days:


    Motorcycles must be in roadworthy / trackworthy condition. Motorcycles do not need to be road registered and slick or racing tyres are allowed providing track conditions are suitable.

    The following will be items scrutineered prior to any motorcycle being granted access to the racetrack

    * All treaded tyres must be worn no more 2mm above the minimum tread-depth indicators at the beginning of the day (if subsequent inspection during the day shows the tyre to be on or below the tread-depth indicator, access to the track may be denied)
    * Slick tyres can be used on dry a track only. Access may be denied if the track is deemed unsuitable for slick tyres
    * Brake pads must be deemed to have suitable material to complete a day at the racetrack
    * Brake disc rotors must be minimum thickness as recommend by the manufacturer (this measurement is stamped on the side of the disc rotor)
    * Brake lines must be secured correctly and must not leak or weep fluid
    * Front & rear brakes must operate correctly upon testing
    * Fork seals must not show any signs of leaking or weeping fluid
    * There must be no evidence of oil leaks or weeps of any kind
    * Fairings must be secured correctly (no duct tape allowed!)
    * Any damage to fairings must not have sharp or jagged edges, or in any way be deemed a potential threat to any rider
    * Footpegs and mounting brackets must be secured and aligned correctly
    * Exhausts must be secured at all provided mounting points
    * Levers or pedals that are bent and deemed difficult to operate must be repaired or replaced
    * Throttles must snap back to the off position when released
    * There must be no evidence of fuel leaks of any kind
    * Handlebars must be secured and show no evidence of being able to move or be bent from the original shape the manufacturer intended
  6. You'll have to quieten down the bike or you will not be alowed to run or worse kicked off mid session/race for being too noisy.

    You'll also need a licence from Motorcycling Australia if you intend to compete in races.

  7. Thanks guys for answers.

    I have one question about tires.

    On the track I prefer to use full slick "Metzeler", but As i know some international rules prohibit it and I have to use semi-slick instead. Can I use my favorite tires during the championships? Also I would ask you about average cost of racing tires. If you need more information I will write you the specifications of it.
  8. Dez,
    Are you racing or trackdaying?
    If your just doing trackdays you can run whatever you like (weather depending for slicks of course).
    For racing, it depends what class you're in and what bike you ride.
  9. Hi Ian,

    I understand that track days are small competition after training. I ride Honda CBR1000RR, Class B. I participated in small competitions such as Honda racing...

    Full slick in the rain :LOL:
  10. hi there what you might want to do is get an import aproval from FORS as if a motor vehicle is entering the country it need one....might pay to contact them before you do anything
  11. The cbr1000rr would be able to use, slicks,wets or whatever you like in any series.

    As was said by ylwgtr, you might want to check the import docs as if your bike is staying here you will need to declare it.
    Competition bikes can be imported if they are for high level competition only.
    I know this because someone just imported something very special and had to prove what they were and where they would be used.
    I don't know what the officials rules are but googleing 'FORS' might be a good place to start if you haven't looked into that side of things yet.

    It may be different if you're just here on holiday.
  12. any vehicle can be imported with the relevent evidence..... for example if i lived overseas and owned a road registered bike or car for 12mnths then i need to lodge documents like my ownership papers,passport,insurance documents and receipt of purchase showing the date of purchase...as for competition vehicles i would need to show a racing licence of relevance to that vehicle....There is only one registered vehicle allowed per person per 12 mnths....competition vehicles as far as i know are unlimited.....for example i spent quite some time in japan years ago and i imported my EVO rally car when i came home so i had to show the applicable license's/paperwork.....I also done a container of 30 second hand dirt bikes which i got letters from manufactures and dealers to say that they used by normal people on closed course's and on private land and are non registerable and should be excluded from supplying such documents and it went through.....as for people that will be returning overseas there is an temporary approval for 12 mnths where the vehicle must be eitheir exported or distroyed when the approval expires.....to my suprise this also allows left hand drive vehicles to be registered as left hand drive vehicles...its normally that vehicle have to be 30 years old to remain LHD....under the other LHD 12mnths rule they can be current models....but only have a "visa" for 12 mnths....
  13. Thank you for advice. I read list of documents which are required for imported bike registration. This is a list more then 25 points... The better way is selling my existing bike and buy new one in Au. I wish to use by bike more then 12 mnths. I think this is the best way.
  14. hang on dez......dont give up yet.....If you have PR in aust you are eligable under the personal import scheme.....