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Racial harmony in rural Adelaide

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I was reminded by something yesterday, of my youth, growing up and going to school in Adelaide, only 10 years after the end of the Second World War. We lived in The Avenue, in Payneham. It's a suburban street now, barely recongisable, but then there was our house and the whole of the rest of the street on both sides was market gardens, tended by Italian and Greek and Polish and who-know what else immigrants. We knew them all by name, and they used to let us Aussie kids pick carrots and eat them straight out of the ground.

    Their children went to the local school with us, and I don't remember one single incident of their racial background ever being a grounds for abuse, or even being commented on at all. Our best mate was Guiseppe Cupacracho, and he used to sneak us home for lunch, where his old Italian mum used to have a huge pot of steamy, salty macaroni on the stove, and we'd eat ourselves silly before staggering back to school.

    I can't honestly see how an enforced policy of multiculturalism would have made their lives any more enjoyable, nor my memories any sweeter.....

  2. Paul, I can't imagine how boring Aus would be today without the cultural enrichment provided by the post war migrants. It would probably be "football, meat pies kangaroos and holdens"
  3. Wait a minute...

    Payneham was rural Adelaide????

    That must be 5 km from the CBD
  4. Things have changed Paul, dunno when or why. When I grew up, I had mates with names like Jimmy Papadapus, Phoung Van Tran, Anil Gupta etc. We all got along just fine. Jimmy's dad owned a take away shop, always had Pluto pups or similar after school. That was when Balmain was a working class suburb, but I digress.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Ten years after the war, it WAS!!! That was over 50 years ago, remember....
  6. Fark me. You are old Rev! :LOL:

    Multi-culturalism has united us like it has in America. :)

  7. When I visited Adelaide for 2 weeks in 2005, Adelaide was only Rundle Street basically :> Wherever I stayed at my uncle's place, it seemed rural and was only 10 minutes drive from rundle street *I think*. Can't really recall the time, we really didn't drive straight from CBD to his place without sightseeing stuff for me since I was a tourist :>
  8. It wouldn't be that bad - we'd have cricket and sausage rolls, too! :cool: