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Rach's Off - Thundercat Vs 4WD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by thundercat, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Here is more fuel to the fire re 4WDs

    Just riding home, doing the speed limit up Burwood Hwy in the far left lane.

    Out of the corner of my eye see a gold (what is it with metallic paints and motorbike ignorance?) 4WD doing a rather fast U turn. Assumed that he would go into right lane. Wrong! He keep coming into the left.

    All I could see when I grabbed a handful of everything I could was a wall of gold. Clipped his rear bumper bar and hit the bitcumen.

    The transition from upright to sliding down the road is certainly a fast one.

    As I was in peak hour, very lucky I did not get run over.

    Bike is just cosmetic damage, I think my oggy nobs helped in that department (but believe me his insurance company is going to pay for every scrap of it). I was just shaken and have a few scrapes, bruises, sore ribs and am in need of a chiropractor.

    Have been analyising the situation in my mind. Is there something else I should have done? Oh well I suppose I will never know. Although one of the guys who saw the accident who is a rider said to me you just had no where else to go.

    Could have been a very nasty T bone incident.

    Be careful out there!
  2. Phew ! lucky one. Glad to hear your are ok. Don't replay it too much if you can help it. Just tell yourself you did the best you could do in the nano-seconds you had to make descisions. You walked away and thats all that is important.

  3. Glad to hear your OK Rachael, and also that it seems the guy stopped (since you've got his details) and didn't just take-off. Tattslotto ticket for you tonight I think.
  4. Good to here you’re OK
    As for analysing after the event, what if I had done this etc you goto remember you only had a split second to react, it’s easy to look back and say why did I do that! After a resent event I spent a week doing that but in the end you can’t change what happened!
  5. When I got mown down, I sat in the gutter and spewed for half an hour. Rach gets taken out by a 4WD, stands the bike up, beats it back into shape and still gets to Foxy's for a quiet party.

    Quote of the night - "I'll just sit down for a moment - I think I may have cracked a couple of ribs"

    Not quite bulletproof, but pretty damn close.
  6. MAN Rach.....how lucky and unlucky at the same time :shock:

    Glad to hear you're ok (how are the ribs?) and that your party switch wasn't flicked off at the same time as his idiot switched was turned on!

    :D :D :D
  7. I my mind you must have reacted perfectly!, bike vs 4wd, no broken bones, bike is rideable, you're alive and can lucidly decribe all the events... doesn't seem like you could have done anything better to me.

    wanna come down here and teach me some emergency drills?

    Glad your OK, hope the 4wd steerer shat his pants and learnt a lesson.

  8. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!! :cry: you didn't hurt the thundercat did you?????? noooooooo

    sounds like you did about all you could eh, nothing much you can do but brake and brace for it when a 4WD cuts you off. bikes rideable still and your intact AND insured, sounds like you came off better than alot of others have :?

    i take it the farker didn't stop and thats why your talking about your insurance? nice eh :evil:
  9. Gosh, I am sooo sorry to hear Rach!! When I read that title post I almost had a heart attack but I am very glad to hear your alright chick!

    Sounds like you did a great job of avoiding the worst of the situation :shock:

    Hope your not too sore and you and the bike are back to brand new soon :)
  10. OMFG, Mouth didnt try to blame your off on your own stupidity, ignorance, or inexperience...

    maybe crashing himself has made him realise a few things...

    anyways, sorry for my little dummy spit in your thread...

    and sorry to hear about your off, but as the others have allready said, at least you walked away OK and the bike is still rideable...

    here's to quick recovery / fixage of you both!
  11. Jeezus! Whereabouts on Burwood Hwy? I want to watch out for that guy!

    You dealt with the moment, survived and went on to party. 11 out of 10 in my book!
  12. Bugger mate. Like others have said, you walked away from it. It could have been much worse especially in peak hour. 10/10 for getting back on your bike.

    Wish you and your bike a speedy recovery!!

    :D :D

    PS. I might look into these oggie knobs.
  13. Bloody hell!!! :x What a d head!!... I'm glad to hear that you are ok :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. hey mate ,
    you are alive (No 1 priority)
    bikes seen better days , but still kicking (no 2 priority)
    what you should have or shouldnt have done , dont even think about it , just chuck it in file 13 and thank your stars that you are ok .
  15. Hey guys and gals, thanks for all your kind words and well wishes certainly given me something to smile about. Have also made sure I have stopped analysing it, you guys are right I am came out with minor injuries and the bike still runs. At the end of the day that is all that really matters.

    Ribs are a lot better today. Still a bit sore but I can laugh without doubling over so they are not cracked probably bruised. Just happened to be in the spot where I had already broken a rib ever since it does not take much to agrivate it.

    Do not worry Coconuts the Thundercat has just suffered some cosmetic damage. He did stop and I have his details so HIS insurance company will be paying to fix her up as good as new!!!! Hey I could always go streetfighter...........

    Gromit the spot was at the BP servo on the Melbourne bound side about 1-2kms from Deakin Uni. I had to ride past there today, gave me hebejeebies. Probably a good general rule to avoid coming too close to anything that is either 4WD or metallic and especially something this is both!
  16. Whilst no off is good, any off you can walk away from says to me you did pretty much everything you could, and you did it right! Glad to hear you're OK - thats the most important thing. Don't beat yourself up over-analysing it. You're OK - leave it at that.
  17. Not only did she rock up to foxy's place for a session at Northern HQ but she also out lasted quite a few others, including myself, and stuck around until the wee hours of the morning. \:D/

    She was also her usual happy self today, with the only outward signs of trouble being a limp and ginger walking pace.

    Damn fine effort.

    Also checked out the damage on the bike last night and the oggys definately earnt thier keep on Friday. Scratches on the bar ends, foot peg, indicator, front of the pipe and rear pillion handle. I couldn't see any fairing damage but it was pretty dark. There was however some serious gouges into the oggys!!!!

    What can't Rach take in her stride I as you!?!?!?! :-k
  18. Sorry to hear about your off. Good to hear you came out of it relatively well considering you clashed with a 4WD on a major highway. Take care.

    Can I recommend Original Finish in Kilsyth to look after the bike. They will be doing mine after my off last week.
  19. sorry scope, i understand you were a bit peeved with his comments, but this is just getting tired now. i really think you need to GET OVER IT :?

    streetfighter you say?? well, at least you know how well it works with the cat eh, i've overcome the problems with doing that. DO IT!! :D

    nar, if the insurance company is gunna fix it all up for you, let em go for it eh. that exhaust of yours wasn't damaged at all was it? :wink: