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Raceway Suzuki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GMAN, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. ta mate

  2. Who was the mechanic that did the work for you?

    I've gone there a couple of times and the service I've found is alright. They're usually through and also do test rides after any major work.
  3. They have become worse and worse in the last 6-12 months!
    Used to be good but a lot has fallen off. Their mechanics arent the brightest sparks either.
  4. There are lots of reasons why welding wont hold. If raceway did the welding, then all that means is that their welding skills could be shyte. Welding is a pretty specialised skill - it's not just a matter of turning up the amps and TIGging, MIGging, burning rods etc. till the hole is plugged up...

    Actually, even saying that throws up a whole host of questions.. did they welded up the hole?? Or weld a patch over the hole? A corrosion hole you say? Did they take any precautions to reinstate corrosion protection in the heat effected zone around the hole? I could go on.

    I've got no experience with Raceway - except that I've never heard a bad word about them. Their welding might be shyte, but that doesn't mean the mech side is.

    Tell us a bit more about this hole.
  5. I would have thought that they would send something like that out to a specialist welder
  6. They quoted me $25 to change my rear tyre. It took them 3 hours to do the job.

    I was quoted 140 by doc hogs to do the same job, basically coz my rear wheel is a biatch to get out coz of the centre diff and shaft drive set up.
  7. Were you happy with the job?? Ive never heard anything but good feedback about them.
  8. yes i was very happy with the job. But when a job is so serverly underquoted it just makes you think about their knowledge.

    But then they are a suzuki dealer and my bike isnt a suzuki.
  9. Just rang up to book the Across in for the major service and found out these guys have loan bikes for those still on restrictions. That would be the first place I have found to do so. Nice lot of guys and girls in at raceway, they even let me drool over their SV650s.
  10. Always get mine and my brothers bikes serviced at Raceway. Never had problem with there work and they have always done a good job. The only time they pissed me off was on my last service when they broke my "Tyre Signal" on my front wheel and glued it back together and didn't tell me. Only noticed when the front tyre kept going flat...

    ... Maybe they are going down hill.