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racetech suspension?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by robeel, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    i've recently spent a bit on my RVF400 so looking to sort the brakes, tyres & suspension to keep me right side up.

    i was told to get some racetech springs for the forks, that the bike will handle heaps better.

    can i buy a fork spring kit from racetech? is it cheaper to buy from them then here in sydney?

    how much for a spring kit? & how much to have them set up?

    should i get my mechanic to do it or should i go to a suspension specialist?

    i've put in a shock spacer to raise the rear, i'm assuming the stock shock is good enough for the street.

    btw i weigh about 100kg & bike is about 180kg wet, does .90kg springs sound right?

    any advice is realy appreciated.

  2. Shock Treatment,give them a ring and have a chat with Terry,there out near Waragamba.Have a look a
    look on the Race Tech US wbsite and do there spring rate check panel.Terry is the local Race Tech bloke
  3. wow going the whole hog with suspension and tyres..........ive been told of a good one in Granville whose apparently magic when it comes to suspensions..........I might bring my 636 there early next year.........

    Where abouts in Sydney are ya?......
  4. Sweetie if it's the Zen Master, he resides in Lidcombe.
  5. That should be pretty close IMO. From memory, that's what I've got in my VFR and it's about right for my 90 odd kgs. I find that if you try to set the loaded sag to 30% of total travel, it's a bit harsh on smallish stutter type bumps. I just found a bumpy corner, attacked that at warp speed and backed off the preload until it behaved itself. In a compromised fashion anyway. Never going to get it 100% perfect for everything/every where on the street.
  6. Can vouch for Terry at ST.
    Sorry to sway the post..haha buuuut
    Roarin, did it help the front of the viffer. I am so over the pogo motion on the front of the viffer. My dirt bike sits flatter and has more feel.
    If I wind the preload up it wont turn at all under power. So I back it off and wound the rear up max. Better but still sucks.
  7. He he. I was actually talking about my 400. NC 30. But I also have a '95? 750. RC36. I haven't sorted that to my satisfaction yet. Close, but still needs work. I'm pretty sure I have 0.9 kg springs in the forks. Can't remember what weight oil though. I have the rear preload/ride height cranked to the max, and have the forks pulled through the triple about 25mm. It's actually lighter on the bars to turn in than the 400, but with the forks pulled through I run out of cornering clearance and drag the fairings a fair bit. So what really needs to happen is to figure out a spacer for the rear shock to raise the ride height a bit more -probably about 30mm or so, and drop the forks back through the triples. Then because the front is loaded up a bit more, it may need slightly heavier springs.
    As for the pogoing, that's more your damping that needs sorting. Do you have adjustable comp & rebound on your forks? Maybe heavier oil might do it? I'd go a touch more rebound, and maybe fiddle with the compression shim stack a bit. Go a bit thicker on the larger diameter shim/s to stop it "falling" through the initial part of the stroke when you brake or hit medium sized bumps. I haven't looked that far into it yet, so I'm just guessing a bit really.
  8. Nope Im thinking of a different one then, was thinking of Doug Chivas, im sure its in Granville....................
  9. Ta roarin. Nah no dampening clickers. Just prelaod. The rear has comp damp clickers.
    Big cost putting USD's in. Kinda takes the bike out of it's spectrum. It's way too heavy to be a sports bike. No idea but would say round 250 wet. Feels more in really tight side to side stuff. Oh.. 08 VFR800
    I have the front down @15mm. And yeah the fairings touch down before the pegs. The pegs are fairly high though.
    Ha ha don't have a Fi Fi anymore so I should trade it on a real bike