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Racetech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by RT_300, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. I bought these soon after getting my bike because the harshness of the front end was just a bit too much for me. Being a small bike kawasaki had skimped a bit on the suspension side of things. The fork springs were way to soft for me and veeeerrrrrrrry harsh when an unavoidable pothole appears right in front, or even just small bumps mid corner.

    So I did a bit of research between ninja 250 forums and 300 forums and came to the conclusion that the gold valve emulators from Racetech were the way to go along with a set of appropriately weighted springs.

    For starters the install itself was a little above my pay grade as the forks had to be disassembled, and the dampening rods taken out to have extra holes drilled to flow more oil. So I took it to a local bike shop to get it done for me. This was a great idea, they set the sag and preload and had everything all set for me as I was leaving. So nice to have a bit of experienced advice in this regard.

    For $160 + $300 (cost of labour to get them installed) this was a great mod and its completely transformed the way the bike feels, as everything is so much more gentle, not to mention it looks heaps better now I've got the preload adjusters in the forks too now.

    For anyone else riding a ninja 250/300 I would definitely suggest doing this if you are looking for the bike to behave better in just about every situation.

    Ps: I'll put some photos up when I figured out how
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  2. Won't let me post pictures but the "cockpit" I spose you could call it looks heaps better now
  3. Good stuff! :)

    You probably need to do a few more posts before it will let you upload photos.

    I wish I had kept my old ZZR250. It could've been a nice little track bike if I had done the mods you've done, and added an adjustable after market shock.
  4. Yeah that's what I'm thinking, now that I've got clip ons, braided brake lines, and now these. Next on the list are new rear sets and a new rear shock when the finances allow in the new year
  5. Nice! So, when are you booking in for Superbike School? ;)
  6. Once I get myself a 1 piece suit, hopefully early next year if all goes to plan
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