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Raced a cop today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nuff, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Of traffic lights and I won! Not a speeding ticket, since I've realised at around 55clicks while doing a head check that it was a cop car and at that point I've chopped the throttle. He seemed to be in quiet a hurry and sped off some place.

    It was my second close call today, first one being when going from wisemans to old pac hwy. I was going 100km/h in 100zone (I'm still on my L's) and there was an oncoming cop car, I've to say big thanks to mrx78u for covering my ass and my L plate.

    I've also collected my first mirror while splitting/filtering. I've stopped and fixed up the mirror, then the tinted window went down and there was a really cute girl asking me if I was ok, the guy driving the car didn't seem as impressed. I think the girl must have been taken a back by the mysterious biker :cool:

    One thing I've learned today is not to wear tinted visor at night, can't see sh*t with it.

    Otherwise I had a great spirited ride (at least for my skill level and it was faster paced then the usual L ride) with mrx78u. Also the 60km/h speed limit on old pac hwy is ridiculous, all of the corners are begging to be ridden faster.
  2. just make sure you learn from your close calls is all i can say
  3. I did! I had my visor all the way up the rest of the way. :wink:
  4. bambam waits for the next thread from nuff...."How I learned I shouldnt ride with my visor up all the way. Can anyone recommend a good eye doctor?"

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Just kiddin dude. Get yourself an iridium tinted visor. I use on for both day and night. Still a little dark at night but not as bad as plain tinted visor.
  5. You bloody nuff nuff. :LOL:
  6. Double demerit long weekend and people STILL can't help but ride like nutjobs? Wow!
    Can't wait for the"friggin MAN took my licence away" thread! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Bambam, every ride is a new lesson ;) Hopefully since I wear glasses I will not have to learn this one :D

    And what is it with all this small annoying flies getting inside the helmet, damn annoying, especially since one went into my nose and no matter how hard I blew my nose, the damn thing didn't want to come out!!!
  8. i did over 1000kms on the most cop-infested roads in NSW over the last two days, on the RR, and no tickets :cool:
    its about self control ;)
  9. Typhoon, I've entered all the corners at speed limit or under, problem was that my exit speed was a lot higher then the speed limit. No matter how hard I tried to control it, it just happened, the only thing I can blame is "Twist of the Wrist 2, Throttle control chapter". It's a great chapter, but it's bad for demerit points.
  10. This is interesting, as I often ride with the visor up! had heaps of bugs in the eye and I always get them out... but I never thought about infection! :shock: :shock: :shock:

  11. the chances of a bug striking you in your eye, and causing such an infection is remote. however, it is present. all it needs is for a leg, from the bug, to stay near a slight breach of your skin, and staph will hop right on in.
    your eyes are handy things....i learnt not to mess with them :)
  12. I had cellulitis last year. Luckily they didnt treat yours the same way with the big old X incision......
  13. That looks nasty! I'm just glad that I wear glasses
  14. leave your visor on .
    go to bunnings and buy a pair of wrap around safety glass's ($5) and store them under your seat
    then when its dark , put them on and lift the visor ..................quite simple really and no screwing around with visors or carting them about
  15. :rofl:

    I'm reading this book atm...I don't think it'll pass as a reasonable excuse for speeding should I get done though. :LOL:
  16. How could you not tell it was a cop car?

    (If it was unmarked, fair enough)

    If that's the level of attention you're paying then you had better use the brain a touch more methinks.
  17. Scottatron, before you get all high, mighty and righteous, maybe you should find out what the situation was? It's also called using your brain before using your mouth, you should learn that too.

    It was a red commodore with only the side blue and white chequered stickers. In mirrors it looked fine, also at the lights I was ahead of him wanting to jump him and merge into his lane, since I had to make a left turn.
  18. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
  19. i forgive you just dont do it again :p