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Race up The GOR? Eastern? Spurr?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. so today I went to camberwell... got there at 3 or so and went to the bank... walking up burke st and theres a stack of bike cops and stuff driving past.
    Im not really paying attention but after 6 passed me I decided to take a look,

    At least 32 bike cops were out, joining in the parade/escort for the comm games "torch".

    So if anyone feels like a race, nows the time, they are too busy policing the torch to catch speeders ;)
  2. really??
    will they still be doing that about 7 tonight lol
    as thats when ill be finish lol
  3. Took the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon and discovered the Games baton was passing the bottom of our street.

    LOTS of cops travelling with it (bikes and cars). Seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  4. As luck would have it, you'd probably come across the ONE motorbike cop who got left out of the ceremonies to police the roads you mentioned. And boy would he be cranky for drawing the short straw!
  5. I've never seen so many bike cops in the city, to be honest I feel pretty pleased for them: occasionally they'll return a nod, so I assume they're having fun :grin:
  6. Speaking of returning nods, on the spur one day I nodded to a bike cop going in the opposite direction, he got 1/4 way through the nod and then must have thought "what the f$%k am I doing?" and stopped. I couldn't help but LOL ;)

  7. I was at work when the commonwealth games baton was about to come past so I moved the bike out the front of work to have a look, before I left to grab some lunch,

    I could see the cop bikes, baton runner etc about 50 metres from the traffic lights on the corner when these 2 bikes come up to the side street (doing quite a rate of knots), at almost exactly the same time the two marked police bikes ride into the intersection to block the traffic.

    The expression on the 2 motorcyclists faces was priceless after they tried to slow down from about double the limit and come to a gentle stop with a police bike blocking their path hehe.

    The cop was glaring something fierce at them too, and I couldn't help it I just burst out laughing.

    He grinned at me, shook his finger at the 2 motorcyclists who looked very sheepish (I was only like 4 metres from them in works driveway and could see their faces) and shook his head at the other BMW police bike.

    The 2 motorcyclists had that sort of 'sick looking but relieved' look on thier faces, but I still had a grin that just about hurt :)

    They were pretty good about it all though, they could have thrown the book at them.
  8. LOL, that would have been hilarious zrx :)