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race tyres for commuting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, May 28, 2005.

  1. I'm having some doubts about using road-race tyres for normal riding.

    I recently had a puncture in my rear tyre (big piece of glass, unrepairable) and I needed it replaced urgently. I couldnt find anywhere that had a "sport-touring" kinda tyre in stock, but I found a pirelli dragon MTR02 road-race tyre.

    The tyre grips well when it's warm, but it takes a bit of effort to heat it up and it doesnt stay warm under normal riding. On several occasions, I've unintentially powerslid out of a corner on a normal grippy dry road. I have to take it very very easy in the wet.

  2. Yeah is understandable. The tyre you have is designed to work in a differrent environment (read more heat and stress). That is why road use tyres are good as they work at a lower temperature generally speaking. Without going too much into it there is also often may other design differences apart from "ideal operating temperature". Such things as the design and direction of the belts for example. Personally I would move very quickly to a road tyre for a couple of reasons.

    1. The advantage of a sticky tyre will only be there after some warm up riding and then the extra stick may come into effect. Problem is getting there!!

    2. If it is a race tyre it may well have "not for road use" stamped on it. Cops dont like it if they look that close.

    3. Insurance love tyres like that as it gives them a good excuse.

    Just my opinion, but instead I would have gone for any type of road tyre over a "race" tyre. Road tyres are designed for roads! Often a wider range of temps, conditions and handling characteristics. Just my opinion.

    Best of luck


  3. sorry I didnt make it too clear, but it is still a road tyre.. pirelli put them in their "supersport" range of street tyres. Maybe I should use it as an excuse to pay a trip to reefton :D
  4. Ahh....cools Will call them a "specialist road tyre"? Sorry I did misunderstand.

    Of course you want a tyre that performs well in all conditions. But that means compromise in some conditions. I just want a tyre that lasts say 60,000 and sticks like one that lasts 500...hehe (hey dreams are free) Of course some are designing tyres with dual componds so soft on the sides and hard in the middle, nothing new about that.....maybe they could call it the reefton tyre thou???

    For dayly commuting thou I would be going easy on it. Would you be trying to run the tyre harder than what the front can cope with at reefton thou? I would be concerned if there was a mis match of front to rear tyres. Personally that is...

  5. yeh.. it's amazing how bad the life of bike tyres are. I dont there is much use to the dual-compound tyre, since I tend to run out of tread on the sides even though there is heaps left in the middle.

    my front tyre is a pirelli gts ("sport-touring") so it handles the twisties pretty well, but ended up wearing VERY fast.

  6. Bridgestone BT020 are dual compound tyres and are found at most bike shops.
  7. I dont find them too bad. Had a pilot race on the rear for a while. They had as much, if not more grip in the wet than others i used, and stuck like poo to a blankey when warmed up, which didnt take too long.
  8. Cowboy1600 - ricecakes??
  9. Hahaha....the little bastards put me in hospital last week.....they should have a warning "excess consumption will clog u up like a bastard"......
  10. :p :p :p
  11. MMMM....Dragons are not what I would put on a road bike - they are legal yes....but as you have found they take too long to warm up with normal riding....

    The two super sports tyres I'd fit from Pirelli are the Diablo's (slightly better wear) or Diablo Corsa's (super grip and slightly worse wear, but road friendly temperature and rain wise)....

    However, as you've said - heck have some fun with them and go and shred them quickly at a track day...

    Then get some new tyres....

  12. I would, except that I'm looking to sell my bike soon anyway :?