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Race Track Plans for Wagga Wagga

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hicksey11, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. This will be a great thing for the City. Many big names are behind it and apparently ASBK are looking at it for a round of there comp. when the final stage is finished.





  2. The centre will be called the Riverina Motor Complex and is to be located on a large parcel of land on Wokolena Road, near the archery complex, at Alfredtown.

    Added incentive to ride fast?
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  3. Lets hope the beige brigade don't get a whiff of these plans

    Its a great thing for the city of Wagga Wagga will bring a lot of tourists their way who need food acomodation fuel and so forth
  4. EXtreme motor racing
  5. Are your helmets arrow proof Tak? and no need for you to test them like you did with the riding gear!!
  6. Could be a good weekend away to go watch it. Not too far from Sydney or Melbourne. Possible to ride back after the race.
  7. This looks good! I have family down there and it would be heaps good for the area, its heaps nice down there
  8. I've never been to wagga in my life but if they open this that'll change. Track days, drag racing, shows, racing.

    I live about 15 mins away from EC and WSID. I reckon I'm at one of those venues at least once every fortnight, there's always something on. I was at the drifting last Friday night at EC for example.
  9. Umm how far do you consider too far?
  10. Would love this to go ahead... NSW needs a track to compete with Phillip Island!
  11. It's a good 5-6 hours to Wagga haha
  12. Lets hope it has more success than the Wagga speedway which ran a few years ago.

    I can see it competing more with Winton or Wakefield Park than Phillip Island.

    There is still talk of a track in the Newcastle/Hunter area also. I know there has been talk for a long time, but at least they are still talking about it.
  13. Yeah the Speedway didnt have enough support thats why it closed also the local Motorcross Track has closed up for this year as I didnt recieve enough support either. But an actual racing track for 'Grown-ups' will be a bit more of a success I think.

    And to the guys from the city. Don't knock it until you try it!

    I mean we (Country folk) have been travelling to the city for years to events that we dont have here and supporting you guys, so I think that when this track goes through it would be nice if you guys would support it. Even it was just one trip every couple of years.

  14. This would be awesome. I'm an hour n a half away and I'd be there all the time for sure!
    The town is stepping up, they're building a paintball complex at the moment there
  15. Where are you from vogstar?
  16. Leeton, Got mates there and hea dover there often
  17. What were you riding to get that a postie? Monkey Bike?

    You can do Wagga Wagga to Penrith in 4.

    Should be good venture though if the council will support it.

    But foremost it is a driver training center.
  18. go do laps on the kart track.
  19. I drove it like a month ago and stopped once and it took 5 but yeah it could be done probs, yeah it looks really good for the region I did a but of reading on it and it said it's primary focus is for driver training so hopefully the tracks still good!
  20. Here's hoping anyway. I've been in Wagga a few years now and sadly know what the local council is like, but you never know. I'm going to keep optimistic anyway. It'll definately be a top investment for the entire Riverina area :D