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Race track day opinion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dmalcantara, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I want you opinion about the race track days at Phillip Island.

    Does it worth to try it if as I don’t have any experience on tracks or should I get some kind of class before?

    Another point is my Bike. Is a Suzuki GS500F suitable to ride there due to the upright ride position of this bike?

  2. Phillip Island is a fast track, with 4 corners you can exceed 180kph on (~230kph being the fastest), the two slowest being around 70kph, and the rest in the 100-160kph range.

    Subtract about 20-25% from those speeds though if you're fairly inexperienced with track days.

    What that means is that a GS500 would be okay at PI if you're new to racetracks. There will still be 8 corners out of the 12 that you can really hook into to get your cornering skills up.

    If it's your first time, just do it.
  3. There will always be someone slower than you.

    There will always be someone more unsuitably equipped than you.

    These will not necessarily be the same person :grin:.
  4. Do a cornering school day first IMHO. It costs more but you will be safer and enjoy it more. Even level one is a good start. Your bike will be fine, but make sure your tyres are suitable and in good condition.
  5. What is IMHO?
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  7. I'm all for more people doing track days and cannot encourage it enough. But what I don't encourage is someone who is going to put around the track doing 90>100 clicks and basically perform the task of being rolling roadblock. I see it a lot at Eastern Creek and feel sorry for the other entry level guys when a bloke shouldn't be on the track "just yet".

    PI is a much faster track then EC so if you scare easily I'd probably wait until you have a larger capacity bike to help close the gap in speed differential that you'll experience. I'm not saying don't do it, but if you know you're going to be really slow... like really slow, I wouldn't do it and invest in doing a CSS course instead.

    A GS500 isn't designed to be rev'n it's tits off and flung around a track. Either way, if you do infact go, be ready to have guys zip past you at serious pace (even in the starter group). It will scare you but just be ready for it and try and stay off the main line if you find your shit slow compared to everyone else.
  8. Do a track day? - absolutely.

    .... but on a slowish bike I'd be looking at Broadford or Winton, not the island.
  9. Broadford's a good beginners track and will better suit your bike. Preston Motorcycle club (PMCC) regularly hold beginners classes there.

    Check the Vic events forum for past events to get an idea.
  10. great advice from the two previous posters. I would take it and look at that option instead.
  11. I recently attended a California Super bike School and on the first few laps of PI I was stressing big time because I was so slow. I thought I was going to come off the corners even at slow speed. My cornering and throttle control was all wrong. After learning the turn in points it was simply amazing how much pace I picked up and absolutely had a blast. Without the training day I think a track day would have been a waste of time for me.

    Plus as the previous posters have mentioned you gotta be prepared for some really fast riders that will blow by.
  12. Be sure not to make the mistake of gridding up for the fast group at a track day when you're signed up for the slow group. I remember once, due to an wrist-band coloring mix-up between the gate-entry wristband color, and the grouping wristband color, a very nervous first-timer on a Z750 went out with the fast group by accident. I came up on him going into Turn 4 at PI, after 2 riders blew by at +100kph braking into Turn 4, and two others carved him up cross-cross style through Turn 4 due to his slow speed, and me and another guy wailed past on the exit. You could see this guy visibly shaking in terror as guys who are used to entering corners 3 or 4 abreast with anything more than a 1 meter gap between bikes being "generous" buzzed past him at dramatically quicker speeds.

    Yep, on second thoughts, book yourself in for some CSS training for your first time. There's no such thing as fast or slow groups, and everyone's encouraged to only go at 5 or 6 tenths for purposes of practising the exercises, as opposed to trying to break the lap record.
  13. Completely anecdotal, but it seems to rain less at Broadford and Winton.
    It might be better to go to a track more likely to be dry for your first time.
  14. is the pope catholic :)
  15. Just book yourself in the slow group and go do it. If you are comfortable about riding on the road you'll be fine on the track in the slow group.
  16. PI Slow group is comical some days! There's everything from gumbies on 1000's doing warp speed down the straight (and pussy foot around the turns), to CBR250's with P plates on the back, to people on BMW GS tourers!

    I dont think you'll be out of place on a GS500, especially if you can ride half decent. It is, however, the most dangerous group at the track with the varying abilities, bikes, and track day virgins.

    A bloke i ride with has a CBR250RR and he rides in the slow group. He was running in the 2min20's on his first day there, and upsetting some of the abovementioned gumbies. He only gets about 150ish down the straight, and stays to the left. all the hero's blast past him without a problem. i can't see why this wouldn't work for you.

    end of the day, get out on the track and enjoy yourself!
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  17. Thank you guys
  18. Have fun now :)