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NSW Race track at Nowra?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by PJV01, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Has the racetrack planned for Nowra been canned? Last bit of info I can find is back in March 2014.

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  3. Thanks heaps! Appreciate your answer.

    Fingers crossed it'll get up.
  4. they seem to have the funding sorted, so as long as there aren't too many objections from locals, or rare frogs or butterflies or something.. should be ok :)
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  5. We have it pretty much done now. There were a few environmental concerns that needed more work, but that has now all been done and the DA should go through. There are a couple of different funding models in place for the project already, so we will see what we can get in the way of government grants (it all helps) and then decide which model to use, and work will begin once the DA is signed off.

    To date it has taken a few years around $1.5m invested by Motorcycling NSW. Building the facility will likely cost another $15-18m. Circuit design will commence as soon as the DA is approved.
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  6. woot! it got up for a bit of funding...



    Motorcycling NSW Limited
    Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex - Nowra

    The outcome of the Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex project is to develop an integrated facility that enables diverse motorsports uses (both cars and motorcycles), as well as a range of community based sporting and other events, all connected to a dedicated business and industry park that supports the facility and leverage's further job opportunities.


    that will help fast track it a bit :)
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  7. Very positive news however Im pretty sure I heard something on the radio a week or so ago about them needing to provide a more in depth environmental impact report. Something about the affect the clearing of trees will have on the local fauna. Cant find anything on the net about it but Im sure thats what they said. Would delay things abit I reckon.[/QUOTE]
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    yup, heard similar, and details here Planning panel to discuss motorsport proposal

    and resulting deferral of decision until next march Plan off track

    be hard to deny the application given it has 9mil of gumbyment money promised, which goes back into local community and businesses?

    Cr Gash said the facility would create employment and be an important community asset. She has supported the notion to defer approval.
    “This project is what your community is about,” she said.
    “There is noise already from Albatross with more helicopters arriving and on special occasions FA 18 Hornets.
    “The preservation of the entire bushland is a wonderful ideal ... but I am also concerned about the other species that need to live, work and play in the adjoining environment.”
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  9. kickarse! so.. now it's going ahead? for sure? at least after the planning kiddies give it that tick, but no reason for them not to now :)

    Council endorses proposed motorsports facility

    SHOALHAVEN City Council has endorsed the proposed motorsports facility for Yerriyong.

    Council will make a recommendation to the Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel that they approve the application as a deferred commencement consent at a determination meeting in Nowra next Wednesday.

    The application seeks a staged consent of a masterplan for a $19 million motorsports facility, comprising the upgrade and extension of the existing Nowra District Motorcycle Club and the construction of a new sealed road racing track with administration buildings and parking.

    Shoalhaven Mayor Joanna Gash said the facility would provide widespread economic and recreational benefits to the city.

    “The motorsports facility will provide the area with a state of the art motorsport hub with the ability to host racing at a national standard, providing a range of flow on benefits to the entire Shoalhaven,” Cr Gash said.

    “The motorsports complex will generate economic growth and create ongoing economic activity, with local businesses directly benefiting through increased demand for goods and services.

    “The development will also deliver a high class recreational facility with all residents able to benefit from tourism and increased visitation to our city.”

    She said the construction and operation of the facility would provide substantial employment opportunities throughout the area and attract new businesses to the region.

    “Over the past two years, Motorcycling NSW have shown that they are committed to this city and the community has shown widespread support for the plan,” Cr Gash said.

    “I am pleased that the noise and amenity concerns raised during the community consultation process have been addressed in the development consent and that the application has been amended to reduce the ecological impact and improve conservation outcomes.

    “The recommendation by council’s regional development committee represents a significant project milestone and major step towards construction of this exciting facility.”

    The Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel will meet in Nowra on Wednesday, June 29 to make a determination on the proposal.

    The meeting will start at noon in the reception room, Shoalhaven City Council, Bridge Road, Nowra.
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  10. meeting went down today.. still looking for results

    not yet :(
    Regional Planning Panel defers Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex decision | video

    The Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel has deferred making a decision on the proposed $19 million Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex at Yerriyong.

    The panel met in Nowra on Wednesday, hearing 40 submissions from members of the community and racing enthusiasts as well as proponents Motorcycling NSW.

    The application sought a staged consent of a masterplan for the $19 million motorsports facility west of Nowra, comprising the upgrade and extension of the existing Nowra District Motorcycle Club and the construction of a new sealed road racing track with administration buildings and parking.

    A summary of the masterplan, assessment overview, which included details about noise restrictions, event control and potential tourism outcomes was outlined.

    The panel deferred its decision awaiting further information from Shoalhaven City Council and Motorcycling NSW, requesting a further report that addresses issues raised in late submissions in respects to permissability, environmental and noise assessments and specifically addresses the requirements of part 5A of the Enviromental Planning Assesment Act

    The panel also wants details of the proposed staging of the masterplan and timing of infrastructure relating to stages as well as a conservation management plan for the whole site and noise monitoring framework.

    Chairperson Pam Allen did say no one of the panel were opposed to the proposal.

    “This has been a contentious, divisive issue within the community. There is strong support within the community for the project and strong opposition within the community that is mostly affected by the proposal,” she said.

    “Some of the issues that have been raised in this meeting and previous meetings haven’t been dealt with and that’s why we have deferred. We want more information regarding noise and conservation impacts.”

    Motorcycling NSW general manager Daniel Gatt said although disappointed, the organisation would respect the panel’s decision.

    “We are obviously disappointed, we would have liked to have left here today with a determination but we respect the JRPP have a process and its not an easy decision to make,” he said.

    “If they need more time, we’ll give them more time and we will provide the information they need.

    “We will sit back in the next couple of days and dissect what has happened, look at the resolution of the JRPP and determine what the next step forward is.”

    He said the organisation remained committed and determined to continue with the project in the Shoalhaven.

    “We have already invested close to $1 million into this project,” he said.

    “That is money we could have been putting into the facility but we have to do what the panel wants.”

    Shoalhaven City Council last week recommended the JRPP approve the application as a deferred commencement consent.

    A date for the next meeting of the JRPP to again discuss the matter hasn’t been set.
  11. so.. the JRPP is not actually against it.. they just need some reports to satisfy the NIMBYs?
  12. Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex | Facebook

    latest news from there is:

    5 August ·
    Firstly an apology. We have not added to our Facebook page for several weeks providing updates. As posted previously, we have been asked to supply further information to the JRPP and we are undertaking this requirement to ensure the next time we visit the JRPP that it will be the last time we need to. So with that in mind, we are solely focused on providing the JRPP the detailed and specific information that they have sought to make a determination. There is no time frame around this yet, but we assure everyone that we are still hard at it and will get this to the required authorities as soon as possible.

    We will keep everyone informed of the progress as it is made.

    We continue to thank all those that have maintained the enthusiasm for the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex and we remain quietly confident that a positive result will be had.

    20 September at 16:14 ·
    We have been busy finalizing all the information requested by the JRPP at the last meeting and are nearing completion on that requirement.
    We have been continually asked if the recent change at council level will have an affect on our project. Our response remains that councils are elected to do what is best for the area and we have total confidence that the Shoalhaven Council continues to understand the benefits that this project will bring to the Shoalhaven community, local business, tourism, the youth of the area, the unemployed and many others. We have yet to discuss this with the new Councillors but as the dust settles from a torrid election battle, we hope to meet with all Councillors that would like to so we can ensure that all are across the facts of this fantastic opportunity.
    We are still firmly focused on bringing this project to fruition and continue to cross all the t's and dot all the i's, however we would like to provide the Councillors the required time to settle into their new roles and positions. In the meantime our work continues.
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