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Race To Dakar tonight 8:30 ch2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by K8, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Race To Dakar
    8:30pm Thursday, 30 Nov 2006
    Following the global success of Long Way Round starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, Race To Dakar sees Charley attempt to fulfil his childhood dream and take on the most dangerous race in the world - the Paris-Dakar Rally.
    First Charley selects his team and custom-builds their motorcycles. We follow him through the highs and lows of the intense training, and his shock as he receives the news that he is totally unfit for the journey, just as the final preparations are being made for departure. Finally, the Dakar Team - which includes fellow competitors Matt Hall and Australian-born Simon Pavey - set off for Senegal to embark on their 16-day epic motorcycle adventure.
    Every set-back, from the support vehicle's regular break-downs, to Charley falling and breaking both his hands is recorded on film. Riding a further 140km with broken hands, Charley reluctantly gives up his dream and leaves the race exhausted and wrecked. All his faith is left in the hands of the two remaining riders, but several days later an utterly exhausted Matt is forced to give up, beaten by the harsh terrain of the Sahara desert. Matt is then left stranded for more than 24 hours without food or water whilst rescue teams battle with higher priority cases.
    7 x 60'
    showing on ABC TV

  2. Personally, I found it fairly ordinary. But see for yourself.
  3. Lets see you ride it,or even do an enduro,take balls to even stand up and give it a go.As with most things in life,its often about the journey,not whether you finish 1st or last,or not at all.He gave it a shot,for that alone anyone deserves :roses:
  4. :) . well I agree with the spirit of your post , but I read Scrambles as maybe commenting more on the show itself .
    Though I'd also add that the guy might be ballsy for giving it a go , but jeez hes irritating.
  5. You might want to add "SPOILER" to the subject...
  6. That's for sure :shock:

    I missed last weeks but enjoyed last nights.

    That would be some race just to go and do tyre and oil changes :cool:

    A month till Dakar is on again :grin:
  7. Man he is a whinger !!

    Whinges about everything !!

    oooh i'm nervous
    oooh i feel sick
    oooh its too rocky
    oooh i feel like thowing up i miss my wife !!

    overall though, i was entertained with this evenings episode !

    but man they can whinge !!
    all that fake tension that they put in to last weeks show was enough to put me off.
  9. I seen last nights show and I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of what it takes to arrange the whole thing and seeing the paper maps and different gadgets there got on the bikes ect.
    And them laughing when they couldn't get the bike started till they check the fuel ,they didn't cut that bit out of the show ,there up for a laugh and fun.
    And the helmet cams were ok ,to see some of the conditions of the road ect.

    As for Charlie ,I havn't seen him on the other show ,so I really got no opinion of him from before.
    But I thought he was good and onest ,he wasn't trying to big note him self ,he said I'm shitting and don't know what I'm really doing here and he's knows people want him to fail .
    He wasn't carrying on saying.....I'm shit hot and I'm gona kick ass ect ect ect...............
  10. The show was not too bad but i agree on the moaning part he moaned about everything?
  11. Yeah Charlie seems to like a bit of a winge,
    I still think might be worth,
    it just to see the on bike view of riding in a desert.
    Is the worlds most dangerous race,
    takes a lot of guts or craziness to attempt the race,
    In the show last night 33 racers dropped out in the first day,
    wow nasty rate of attrition.


    ps a spoiler warning would have been good too.
  12. Hey,
    got it out on Dvd over the weekend,
    The spoiler is at the top,
    but does not cover how the trip really goes,
    it really does pick up, when they get into the full on Africa stuff,
    shows how full on it is,
    to take on such a huge race like the Dakar is mind blowing,
    the number of kms they do in the liason stages,
    as well as the actual timed race areas is insane.