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Race Suspension Guru wanted!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by trimar666, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Can anyone recommend a suspension company in Melbourne for getting some shock and fork work done on a CBR600RR track/race bike. I know there are Promecha and SuspensionRus, has anyone used these guys or is there another you would recommend.

  2. A few people in here have used SuspensionRus and have been happy.

    I havent heard of the others
  3. Don't know about Melbourne, but Frank Pons at Ridetek, I believe it's called in Sydney is one of the best in the game.

    Also Terry Hay on 02 4773 9115 is excellent
  4. Another one to look at is "ASR", based in Dromana.

    Greg Fairthorne
    Ph: 03 5981 0165
  5. Have used Promecha.

    Top service; encylopeadic knowledge; beating RaceTech at their own game.

    They're 100% committed to giving you the setup you want and will keep tweaking til you're happy, as long as you're as serious as they are.
  6. Phil Tainton, but they aren't always very easy to get a hold off, ususally very busy and they have their own race team to attend too.
  7. Have used Promecha.

    Personally, I think Peter is full of shite.

    You have to be committed because you will be forever going back to get it right.

    When Peter did mine he nearly killed me. Road out of the shop down westall rd. The first bump I hit fired me off the seat and nearly over the handle bars. I was doing 60kph in a straight line and it was a small bump. Mr encyclopeadia had absolutely no rebound on the rear (the shock had to come out for another rebuild as the adjuster did nothing). He had not matched the spacers to the new front springs so the front springs had 4cm too much preload along with being over damped. Basically, the front was so solid you nearly broke your wrists trying to hang on and the rear was so loss it would pogo around. Had the bike back 4 more times and it was still stuffed. I guess my request was too complex. I had standard suspension that was too soft cos I weigh about 100kg. You would think heavier springs and valving to suite would be fairly easy for an expert.

    I later found out that Mr encyclopeadia had drilled out the valves instead of replacing them with goldies as requested. Took the bike to Izzy at SuspensionRus and he gave me just what I asked for first time.

    Mr encyclopeadia can spin a good sales pitch "Traction this" "Traction that", but at the end of the day its all talk.
  8. Sorry to hear you didn't get what you wanted.

    I can quote you half a dozen examples of guys who did and who take each new bike back for the same.
  9. Please rsser, start quoting if you can, don't just waffle out nonsense.

    I went to Promecha, and regret ever dealing with them. Peter (the owner) was rude, unwilling to discuss options, he expected me to basically work out the setup that was needed, asking me to source the components needed for the job.

    His speeches are full of puffery and shiney hopes. I asked him after the work was done, "What cartridges did you use?", he replied, "We used a set off another bike", I probed "From what bike?", he said something like "it's a tough job with a lot involved and I've been doing this for hundreds of years, all you need to know is that I put cartridges in it." Hearing this I felt like I'd just been screwed! To not know what I just spent half a grand on!

    As sugarslayer said he is all talk initially, and I found that he'll lose all interest in helping you once he's secured your money.

    I'd never go back there, and urge you to avoid using them until they can make an effort to improve their communication and become more professional.
  10. That's interesting, I've heard of a few people unsatisfied with Promecha's work - and I know exactly what attitude you're talking about there too. However, I've bought a fair few sets of springs off him, and he rebuilt a non-rebuildable rear shock of mine once and I was very happy with it.

    I think on balance I'd take things to Phil Tainton at PTR next time, but I haven't had a bad experience at Promecha per se.
  11. Go and speak to members of Melbourne Sportsbike Riders.

    And play the ball, not the man, unless you like lying in your own bile.
  12. dorquemadaaf0.

    Whups that's a bit big :LOL:
  13. Greg at ASR as per Macca's post.

    Bear in mind, all suspension guru's are (almost by definition) legends in their own lunchtime. They all have their own thoughts and opinions and tend to discount others as worthless. I've only met two guys I'd trust, Greg being one and Trevor Manley the other.

    I'd rate anyone who races or supplies racers. That side of the industry is too small to go pissing people off, so anyone who gets a referral from a few racers is good.
  14. S.W.Racing

    Stewart Winton 0403767449

    Really knows his bike suspension, works with a number of race teams in the ASC.
  15. Rod Sharp cycleworks. 97397411

    Did my suspension front and rear, and i am very happy with it, and so are my laptimes :grin: :grin:

    Hes been in the game for a long long time. Many racers know him. Hes normally flooded with work so u might have to wait.
  16. im not sure what hes like but there is a guy in Springvale on westall road next to metric tiles at the railway overpass, have been told he is quite good.
  17. That's Promecha.
  18. Either Rod Sharp or Trevor Manley will do the right thing everytime.
  19. Sheesh, calm down rsser, I'm only calling you out.
    6 quotes then?
  20. Trevor Manley is the guru.

    PM me if you want his contact details.