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Race suits...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rented, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking for a bit of advice about leather suits. I was interested in getting an entry level one piece suit for track day use only. I sized myself up on the AStars size chart according to the measurement, and I have a problem:

    Due to my training the circumference of my thigh is not even on their chart. I would have to try and fit into a 64, and the rest of me would be 1-3 sizes too large.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

  2. Go and try it on.
    You may find that the brand you want won't fit you at all while other will.
    If nothing fits then go with custom made leathers: mars leather or tiger angel.

    In any case don't buy online without trying on.
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  3. Yeah I would love to try it on but try finding a 60+ sized suit in Darwin! I might have to see if one of the shops are willing to get one in if it might not fit...

    Failing that I will try the custom shops you mention, cheers.
  4. Have a look at mine, Loubre or if you saw Tenjo's before he left town last week leathers. All made in top quality kangaroo leather as custom fits by Karl at comet racing leathers. A number of the Darwin boys are wearing Karl's products. Awesome service, fast delivery and prices far cheaper than you'd think.
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  5. Hi Brick,

    Thanks for that, they look interesting. Prices are alright, like you say :)

  6. I just saw that Tenjo is a testmonial on Comet's website, I had seen the bike down there when I just went for a look, but I hadn't met him.
  7. My own perforated leather jacket has been used from 5c to 45c I wear it daily and average a 1000kms a week, I'm impressed enough with mine that Karl will be getting another order at Christmas time for a custom fit for the Boss Lady.
  8. You can always get a rack suit adjusted. They prob wouldnt add leather unless necessary (i.e a wear zone), but can add larger stretch panels where you wouldnt get impacted, e.g. inner thigh.

    Certain rack suits work better with certain body types, e.g. size 60 astars vs teknic (RIP) would be different. Do a bit of research on which shape best suits your shape. Try on a mate's if you can, that alone can be valuable to find our which size doesnt work. Suit amendments - asbk is in town in Sept aren't they? There will prob be a leather repairer on hand, might be something you can give to them in the flesh to get started so they can take the required measurements.
  9. Check shark leathers. I bought a 1 piece from them not long ago and it fits straight off the rack. Which I would have no chance in any others due to my overly large calves and thighs. I don't have the longest legs either, my dainese leathers 54 jacket and 58 pants. So maybe something to look at.