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race stands

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by twistngo, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. hi. my previous bikes have had centre stands and life was easy. my new one doesn't. I got a race stand and now I'm trying to work out how I can get the bike on it by myself without tipping it over.
    is there a trick?

  2. I have a 900RR and the way I do it is:

    Hold the bike upright by the pillion strap,
    Wheel the rear stand in place under the swingarm/spools,
    Push down on the rear stand making sure the stand aligns with the swingarm/spools,
    Keep pushing down which lifts the rear of the bike until the swingarm is resting comfortably on the stand

    I used to put the sidestand down and put cardboard under until the bike is sitting vertical but balancing it by holding the pillion strap is easier and quicker for me.
  3. I use two methods depending on how I'm feeling. First is the same as robbied above. Get the bike up and on its balance point, holding onto the pillion strap and then scoot the stand under the swingarm and lift.

    Second is to get the stand platform under the 'lower' side of the swingarm i.e. the lhs of the bike, whilst its on its side-stand. Then use the stand to lever the bike upright and it settles onto the other side of the stand as it reaches vertical.

    Taking off the stand -- just lower until its at its balance point while holding onto the pillion strap, then move around the lhs of the bike and put it back on its side-stand. I always put the bikes side-stand down before lowering off the rear stand.

    As a side-note I have platforms fitted to my stand - don't know how well the second method work work with spools.
  4. Yep I use sloths method too, btw check all the bolts and connections on your stand every once in a while, I checked mine and a few things got looser over time.

    Oh and sloth, good to see another 900RR :grin:
  5. ahh.. you'll be right. When I started using the stands on my own it was out of necessity rather than choice.

    Certainly nervous the first couple of times but you get used to it, just don't get complacent. When I started and didn't have the confidence/feel for keeping the bike on its balance point with just one hand I used to do the following which may help initially - basically you're moving the bike to vertical as above but position yourself to the lhs of the bike and slide the stand in with your right arm while your left arm is over the saddle and down the rhs of the bike i.e. so your stood facing the bike at the lhs rear, left arm over saddle, right arm behind the rear wheel with stand in hand.

    This means you can lean your upper body over the pillion seat and slide the stand in from the side. If you feel the bike going away from you its an easy catch with your left arm and you can hug it to you like you love it and use your body weight to pull the bike back towards you and the side-stand. Probably dependent on your size and your bike so use your judgement on that method :)

    If you're really nervous ... get a helper for a bit of practice. They can stand at the front, facing the bike with their hands loosely on the bars. Have a practice holding the balance point and putting the bike on and off the stand. If you over-balance it they can catch it easily with the bars. Few goes of that and you'll have no worries.

    If you're still not happy ... theres a thing called a bike-grab which you can buy through one-up motorcycles. You push your front wheel into it and it holds the bike vertical via the front wheel. Would possibly make things very easy. Never tried it or seen it other than on the web .... but might be an option if you don't want to risk losing the balance of the bike - which is always a possibility with the methods above. Looked a bit exxy for something that is possible to do manually but could be a very safe alternative and useful if you trailer your bike.

    Anyways ... hope that's helped and good luck.
  6. Thanks for the info guys - been battling with the same problem since I upgraded to the heavier bike :)
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