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Race school @ Broadford on Easter Saturday

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    Preston Motorcycle Club is running a roadrace school at Broadford on Saturday the 7th of April (Easter Sat). You do not need to have a road or race licence, a one-day licence is arranged for the day.

    Cost as far as I know is $165, I will confirm costs and start time/agenda soon.

    Road bikes can be used, just have to tape up mirrors and headlight glass.

    This day is for experienced road or dirt riders, you do not have to have any race track experience.

    I may be instructing on this day, if so, I will be running theory sessions in addition to track time.

    Regards, John

  2. Dude that sounds fantastic. Will keep an eye on it, depending on progress with my bung.
  3. Sounds interesting John.
  4. Might be able to make this if budget allows..... :grin:
  5. Putting away $$'s now and bringing my boss :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Great, I was thinking about doing circuit breakers at EC, but this will do!
    Seeya there Johnny O :grin:
  7. Cool, I'm not sure if I'll be there but good to hear you might be instructing Johnny. You certainly know your stuff!
  8. You have my attention Johnny. I'm shopping for leathers this weekend, so if I find what I want, I'll likely be there. :)
  9. Count me in dude! :)
  10. What will be the ratio of instructors to pupils? And are you coming out with us on the track to watch what we get up to, what were doing wrong etc ?
  11. Okay Guy's, I got more info.....

    The price is $175 for those that do not have a race licence, the day will be conbined with other events, one of those will be the first round of the Victorian Junior Roadrace Championships.

    School attendees will be on the track for 15 minutes of each hour. There will aproximately 5 instructers (experienced graded racers) and we are expecting around 25 pupils.

    If there is a a substantial experience difference between riders, we may split them into two groups so you get more relevant info.

    We will be riding with the pupils and doing some display riding in other sessions so pupils can be shown lines and such in detail.

    This is a race school, not just a ride skill course, if you are interested in racing you will be taught race day procedures and tips.

    The day gets underway at 8am with sign-on, machine inspection and rider briefing, riding starts at 9.00am, please don't be late or you will miss not only track time but valuable instruction.

    There will also be a free bbq lunch supplied.

    John :)
  12. John, you've got the fan club thing working horn. Will you be at PI for the interclub on april 1?
  13. Hmmm, is it worth getting some kind of annual license first instead?
  14. So you just rock up and pay the cash...no need to pre-book :?:
  15. Good onya Rog, we are just all friends helping friends, nobody here is a fan and there aren't any hero's (certainly not me :oops: ).

    Yep, just roll up, pay ya bucks and ride. You wanna learn about getting started in racing, this is the place to be.
  16. Just added this to the new list of track days I've been putting together. :)


    Johnny O, as a thought, when are you riding down?

    Maybe we should ride down there as a group or something? It'll help make sure people (i.e. me!) don't get lost or turn up late. :LOL:

    Heh Heh Heh
  17. I'll be riding out and taping up my mirrors and stuff. I guess I'll have to leave Melbourne at around 6.50am so I am ready to get things going by 8am.

    Everyone is welcome to come up and watch, lets say we meet at McDonalds on the corner of Bell St and StGeorges Rd, Preston at 6.45am so we are ready to head off before 7.00am.

    Don't forget, full leathers, money and spare underwear (joking :wink: )
  18. Cool, I'm definitely up for the riding-down-in-a-group thing, so I'll be at the Maccas at 06:45. :)

    Also noticed that Francis Conroy (of Preston Motorcycle Club) has put this in the Netrider Calender, and they want people to ring and book spots so they have an idea of numbers (which I've done for me):


    Hope that's helpful. :)
  19. I just had a thought, I'll leave my pillion pegs & seat on, I'll take any pupils that are interested on a couple of laps to show lines :twisted: