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race school, Broadford, $180, Fri 6th Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys, Preston motorcycle club's race school is on at Broadford this Friday the 6th on November.

    No licence or registration required. Suitable for sport bike riders that might want to start racing or get tips to be a faster, safer sport road rider.

    Be at Broadford race circuit by 8am to check-in. Full leathers required (1 or 2 piece) and decent suspension & tyres.

    Being a week-day there won't be many pupils in the school, so if you were a bit worried about venturing out on the track with a lot of riders, you can rest easy. Weather is going to be 27 out there so it'll be a top day for track riding.

    Go to www.prestonmcc.com.au for further details or to get a phone number to make a phone booking.
  2. Johnny thanks I learnt a lot and had a really awesome day, look forward to doing it again
  3. There are a few pics of the day up here (clicky). The ones up there are pretty much just of rdkls and there are some of JO - I didn't know any one else in the field. But if you were there, lemme know what you were riding and I'll see if I happened to get a snap of you.

    And here are some pics.


  4. Another great day Johnny! I had a blast :D

    Morbo if you got any shots of me could you post em up? I was riding a black ZX10 (with headlight working) and wearing a bright yellow helmet. Cheers.
  5. Cossie,

    Yep I found a bunch with you in them (JO if you're interested there are more with you too). There are a few below, or you can see them here (clicky)

    I just got a new camera rig, so I was testing out how it responded with different ISO settings etc, so some shots for eg are much grainier than you would expect on such a nice day.

    If there are any that you want full size, I have the raw files and would be happy to send them through to you.


  6. Great pics Morbo, especially when you can't get very close to the track.

    You can learn quite a lot just from seeing the photos.

    Notice me beating 2 instructors in the first shot:D (or should that be holding them up, lol)
  7. cheers Cossie :)

    Yep I just took pics from outside the fence using a long lens.

    Thanks JO for pointing me to Francis to sign in and get track access... he said I could across the track into the in-field to take some pics. But tbh I was just messing around trialing out a few settings on the camera so didn't want to be a pain in the arse to anyone.

    Now I'm a bit more sorted, if they are still willing to let me into the infield I will get in there and get some much more dynamic shots. (Though I think it is the exception rather than the rule for me to attend a track day and not be riding in it!! :LOL: )
  8. Had an excellent despite the crash I had on crash corner, still did not put me off think i improved my skills lots by the end of the training day only small about of damage to bike and bruised hand, thank you to all the instructors especially JO can't wait until the next race school will be testing the skills out at some practice days.
  9. Just a couple of you Twisties... see here.


  10. Was a great day, thanks everyone that came out. Great work Nick on the VTR250, well done :)
  11. Thank you Johnny, first time on the track and definitely not the last, had a ball.
    Great fun to ride with you all.
  12. Is there another?
  13. Thank you for the Pics did not think anyone got any :D
  14. Nick if they run to the same plan they have this year there maybe on in Feb this coming year just depends what they Plan at the PMC meetings
  15. Yeah JO, I'd definitely put my name down for the next one.
    I was unable to attend Nov 6th.