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QLD Race Report - Qld Road Race Championship

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by simidau, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Round 3 of the Southern Downs Road Race Series is going to be a special one! Round 1 and 2 have both had exceptionally large numbers of entries, and the championship in all classes is close. Spectator entry is free and you can even come talk to the riders in the pits :)

    Round 3 brings something new! Sunday the 11th will see the club run our first ever Parade laps of Morgan Park, spectators will have the opportunity to ride around the track as part of the parade.

    So if you live within a few hours ride of Warwick, why not cruise out and check out some racing and get involved in the event! It will only be a gold coin donation to take part in the parade.

    Bikes must be registered and riders must hold an Australian motorcycle license.

    More details in the press release - http://www.motorcyclesportsmen.com.au/PressRelease-SDRRSR3-Parade.pdf

    Club website: http://www.motorcyclesportsmen.com.au/

    Hope to see some friendly faces out there.
  2. This is happening this weekend, nice weekend for a ride :) pop out and check out the action. Good numbers is all classes so the racing will be quality.
  3. Bugger - I'm doing Open Day duty at Griffith Gold Coast on Sunday, else I'd have been keen.
  4. What an awesome weekend it was!
    Read the team race report and check out the photos and onboard video - now with commentary!


  5. Race report from Round 3 is now up, some really good photos, lots of onboard video. A fantastic weekend of racing!

    Check out the report on our team website that has a new new domain name to make it easier to find: http://teamtiger.com.au/

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