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Race Replica Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by kwaker1K, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. I pre arranged a test ride on a kawasaki at race replica on geelong road.
    After going out of my way to get to the shop in order to test the bike model that I am 90% going to purchase shortly,I was informed that unless I was going to buy the bike today,I couldn't go for the test ride. :evil: He said this even though they are advertising offering people demo rides on demo bikes.The sales guy there is a real tosser and he realy #$@$%#$ me off with his attitude.The best thing that the shop could do is employ people who want to sell bikes and help the customer .One thing is for sure and that is that when I do buy I won't be buying off that dealer.Nor would I recommend anyone else to buy off them as well.There are some really good kawasaki dealers out there and race replica isn't one of them. :mad:

  2. Demo rides are always an issue.

    Are you sure it wasn't demo rides on demo bikes rather than demo ride on any bike on the floor??

    Chris and Steve at Race replica are usually much better than what you've described... race rep has been my local shop since I started riding - they've looked after me and recently my house mate (ZZR250). I'm surprised you're that dark on them... sometimes shops can go through phases... ?? Prolly a one off?

    I had a similar situation with 1300Kawasaki... and this was on a second hand bike! They said sign here and we'll let you test ride the bike... it was a second hand bike... needless to say, I didn't pursue the deal with them. Meh!

    Edit - more detail/better spelling.
  3. Not excusing the salesman's attitude but that sounds like a good idea, how many people out there just want a joy ride on a bike, people go from shop to shop to screw the dealers for the lowest price so the dealers do not make any money, buy their accessories from America..... so the dealer does not make any money, then expects the dealer to tie-up over a hundred thousand dollars in demo bikes that could be crashed or disrespected.

    I have owned about 30 new bikes in my life, I have never test ridden any bike prior to purchasing. You can sit on the bike before buying, you can read numerous bike tests, you can speak to people that own them..... maybe you'd like to use it for a thousand k's just to see if it really suits you?...... maybe you like to ride it for ten thousand k's to see if it is going to be reliable, after all, you wouldn't want something that is going to break down.

    Used bikes I agree is a different story, one never knows what issues the could bike could have from the previous owner.

    I think we are all smart enough to have a good idea about a bike without having to test ride it.

  4. I had no problems getting a test ride from 1300kawasaki in ringwood.
    Also they are having a demo day on the 17th Nov but you need to book
    a ride. Talk to Alexs 1300529272
  5. To have some idea maybe... but not a good idea IMO.

    Car dealers don't have an issue with test drives, boat dealers don't have an issue with test drives, push bike shops don't have an issue with test rides, even aeroplane dealers don't have an issue with test flights (in my experience at least).

    So what is it with motorbike shops that makes them think they are so special that they don't have to provide test rides.

    I have a simple rule... if a shop don't care enough to do the hard yards to organize a test ride then I can't believe they'd do the hard yards when something went wrong with a new bike I'd bought from them (and no I don't mind travelling, or signing indemnities or agreements to pay damage or leaving security deposits BTW).

    No test ride? No sale! :idea:
  6. I'm the same, I won't buy without riding a bike, no matter how many road tests I've read.

    Having said that, I've always been looked after by race replica.
  7. Sooner Race Rep learn about customer service the better off they'll be. I was looking to purchase a new Z750, called 3 times on a Friday arvo and noone bothered to pick up the phone...

    Lost my money, it'll now go to Brighton Kwaka before anywhere else.
  8. Want to test ride? Catch a plane to sunny Brisbane. Someone from the dealer will lead the way, but at least you get to take a bike out.

    If you were buying a car, would you just sit in it before parting with your hard earned cash?

    Write "SUBJECT TO TEST RIDE" on the contract if you are serious - if they want your money they should let you try it out.
  9. to me that is just crazy , dropping $20K on a bike and then to find its not what you want

    it was just the attitude of a salesman at actions , we dont need a demo those bikes sell themselves, well sorry not to me and i will buy from somewhere else thanks

    and even then that isnt enough , it can help you create a short list but does nothing for the real world

    Its commonly known with motoguzzi ride it for 20 mins you will proib hate it, ride it for half a day and you will prob love it

    some of us are smart enough to make a decision about a bike before we test ride , but often the test ride will make or break the decision
  10. onya johnnyo. spoken like a true salesman. of course everything you said above is a wank. no ride no root, or in this case sale.
  11. It is all in the attitude of the tester/buyer... if you come to a shop and tell the bike sales people "I want to test ride a few bikes so I can make my mind up to which one I want..." they will tell you to stop wasting their time... and come back when you have tested them all...

    BUT if you call ahead.. find out if they have a demo of the model you want and you tell them YOU WANT TO BUY that model... well... most of the time they will let you...

    On average, a bike shop gets one bike droped/smashed every month.
  12. You are the customer. Don't get what you want? Walk out and take your business to someone who wants it.
  13. What did they say when you told em you'd already had a test ride
    arranged with em, & that they advertise they allow test rides?

    Was it a 2nd hand bike? If it was I can't see why they'd have any
    problems letting you ride it.

    If I was too buy local retail I doubt I'd be buying a bike w/out at least
    knowing what it was like to ride.

    You do that with cars, so don't see why bikes should be any different.

    Personally, I don't like the notion of only getting a ride if you sign the
    papers to buy it. That'd be enough for me to look elsewhere, esp if they
    have previously told me I could have a test ride.

    Oh well..

    BTW you already got a ride? :?

    You Blue14's brother huh? Ya must have a different bike for each day
    of the week? :LOL:
  14. The salesman that I was dealing with was Steve.I had pre arranged to have a test ride with him a few days earlier.
    The reason that I arranged to have the test ride was because the had several demo bikes brought in for a demo day on the saturday.I was meant to do the ride on the friday.There were 3 demo bikes parked ready to go beside us when he decided in his own words>"If you aren't going to buy the bike today then I can't let you do a test ride" to which I replied "I might not be purchasing the bike today but I would like to still do the test ride to know if that is definately the bike that I want to buy.I also said that I am seriously looking at purchasing the bike in the near future".The answer was a flat "No" to the test ride even though there were demo bikes sitting right beside us ready to go for test rides.
    This is why I say that the guy is a tosser and he wasted my time and doesn't give a damn about helping a prospective customer in choosing a bike.
    Also in the shop they had a sign at the door asking people to book a demo ride.Yeah Right :twisted:
  15. MG it was a new zx10 that I was looking at.The demo ride shouldn't have been a drama seeing in how they had 3 demo test bikes parked doing nothing. :?
    If you are preparing to buy a $18,000 bike,I would have thought that taking the demo around the block for 5 mins wouldn't have been a problem. :roll:
    But what annoyed me the most was that it was pre arranged.But when he realised that I wasn't going to buy the bike like NOW he couldn't get rid of me quick enough.
    There is no way that I would buy a bike off a guy like that.My business will go elsewhere to a dealer that cares about the customer and wants to sell bikes.
    Thats not the way to treat a prospective customer.I can only imagine what they would be like if you had a warranty problem :roll:
    If other people have had good experiences with them thats great,but this is how the sales guy looked after me and I think that fellow NR's should know.
  16. Oh shit.. didn't know it was the 10 bud.

    Mate.. 3 words.

    F*ck em off. I'm with ya. Give the 18k to someone else.

    Hey bud, why you paying $18k? :?

    The 10 isent that much? Surely not. Last time I looked, you could get em
    for 15ish
  17. Thanks MG you got that right.
    18K was a rough figure I think that the cheapest you will get one on the road for is around 16.5k.It is still a shite load of doe but.
    I am looking at trading up to the zx10.If I get the right doe for my bikes it will become a reality.You know how much I like the 10's :cool:
  18. Ok no worries bud.

    Its been awhile since I checked, but I know at one time they were
    definitely selling RRP for what I bargained down too. Maybe it was
    a period where they were on special.

    Yeh I know bud!

    Would you consider waiting till the 08 model comes out?

    Prices for the 07 would be alot lower then.. one would assume.

    Recently had a beeewdiful royal blue one dropped off at my place
    offered for sale. Been spending the last 15min trying to find the
    fuggen photo on my PC :evil:

    Must've been deleted or put in the wrong folder :roll:

    Ya wouldve creamed ya pants bud. Under 10,000km 07 model, $$$'s
    of mods incl (custom Jardine GP exhaust) brought over from UK. Dude
    was selling it for $14500.
  19. That sounds like an awesome bike at a good price.
    The 08 isn't that far away,someone said that they will be here in a few months.
    I think they are trying to run out the 07 stock now.The same thing happened with the R1s.You could pick one up on the road for 16.2k last month.
    On thing about your 10 is it will have low k's when you fire it up again :p
    It will be good to see you on one of the thurs rides.

    Did you hear that they got ratty doing 47 kms over on the 4m ride :(
    He was just the unlucky one that they pulled out of the group.
  20. $16.2? :shock:


    That would've been my No 1 choice. Its soo much easier buying parts for
    em. With the 10, finding shit, the available & the range of things you can
    get is shithouse in comparison.

    No where near as many 10's on the road compared the R1's & K7's so if
    you want something that not many have, then the 10 is right up ya alley.

    :LOL: @ low kay's. Yeh well thats maybe the only positive. I been doing OK
    so far. Haven't even sat on a bike, let alone ride it up & down the drive
    way 1053.

    OMG surprised.

    This is the first I've heard of it. :eek:

    Hes lost his license for a good 6mths like me then. Losing it now would be
    the worst time of the year as well. thcry.