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Race Replica Kawasaki Motorcycles - Brooklyn

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Blue14, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Recently i had some dealings with Race Replica. I just wanted to post up this to tell everyone what a great place Chris has there. I dealt with Rhys there and the service and proffesionalism was top class. Keep up the good work guys and if anyone has ever had any doubts about these guys i hope i have answered your question.

  2. More positive stuff on Race Replica

    I was just going to make my own original post about Race Replica - Brooklyn Melbourne... but saw this thread... Just had the 9R's 24000km service done there.

    Very happy with the job and the friendly service.

    Con the mechanic who dealt with my bike is a good bloke, fellow rider and great mechanic. He's happy to field your questions, always willing to share advice and even went to the extreme of polishing my hugger!

    Chris, Rhys, Trish and Steve are all top folk out front... and occasionally you'll bump into Trish's daughter as well... who I have to say fella's, is not hard on the eyes. 8)

    By the way, they've got heaps of gear and have a great special on Xlite helmets which I availed myself of.

    By the way, they're also Netrider friendly.

    ...and no, I don't have shares in them!


  3. Race Replica are are Netrider discount partner offerrring "10% Off RRP of Parts, Accessories & Riding Gear, $60 Dyno Runs, Free Loan bike or pick up / drop off in local area with servicing" on presentation of your membership card :)
  4. Re: race replica

    Just thought I'd share a bit more Kudos to Race Replica and revive this thread... I can't believe it's 5 yrs since Chris and Steve took over RR.

    Anyway, they've recently had a change in staff and philosophy in the workshop area - being lead by Troy (not the FUF Troy who runs spare parts upstairs) whose customer focus can't be faulted. I think I got four calls in total, confirming and reporting various aspects of the work I had done!

    They accommodated some extra requests that weren't on the standard service menu and as a long time customer and NR member, helped me look after my hip pocket and as a result, continued to ensure my future custom.

    So big thumbs up to Troy, Troy, Bradley, Ron and the crew at RR. (y)
  5. Re: race replica

    Great place, been going there since I got my bike. Clutch cable snapped on the way to school one day (Thursday) , rode it in and asked them if they had space in the workshop, fellas at the workshop said it would be done on Monday to Tuesday. Troy, from spare parts, said he would try and help me out. Got a call the next day, bike was fixed. Helped me on in the cost aswell, rounding down the labour times to the nearest hour :)
  6. Re: race replica

    Troy upstairs in spares is a legend. Chucks a mean circle wheelie, too.
  7. Just updating the thread - Race Replica's new ownership has been finalised. The new owner is going to build on the changes that the previous owners made - should look a treat when done.

    I guessing there'll be some old stock sales coming up. :)
  8. G'day everyone,...

    I used to get my bike serviced in Hoppers Crossing but the guy who made sure it was all done right now runs the service center at Race Replica so I take Romana there now,..

    Yes the service is great there and it is so much closser to my work!
    Added bonus!

    Dr Who?
  9. Who was that mate? Troy? (no, not spare parts Troy - they had a Troy who ran the workshop... he left just recently)
  10. G'day everyone,...

    Yeah it was Troy,...
    He runs the service center section now,...

    I was surprised to find Another Troy upstairs,... running Spare parts!

    They are both freindly and helpfull,...

    Must come with the name eh?

    Dr Who?
  11. Troy downstairs (who did rock) has left.

    Troy upstairs rocks and is still there - and as Loz pointed out, does some mean tricks on his bike.
  12. G'day everyone,...

    Damn I hope not,.. he was realy good!

    I just re-read this and did'nt realise you had said he'd left.

    I wonder where he is now,..?

    Dr Who?