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Race leather jackets for plumpier men

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by azzbot, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Up until now I have only ever worn Mesh/Kevlar jackets/jeans...

    I tried on this beautiful jacket in a 64.... Im too fat! I know i would fit into a 66 if they made them but MCAS dont stock or sell.. Investigations tell me all the major brands dont cater for lard asses like myself...

    What do other blokes do (other than loose the weight)?
    Custom leathers? or is there a "BIG MAN" store?

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  2. Before I lost a chunk of weight, I was running Joe Rocket leathers.
    They call it "an American cut".. Just means they allow for broad shoulders and big guts ;)
    They're your best bet mate, good luck.
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  3. Not quiet sure who you're supposed to be correcting?
    I see no grammatical errors.... Care to point it out?
  4. Not quiet sure who you're supposed to be correcting?
    I see no grammatical errors.... Care to point it out?

    Re read the original then Justus's link
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  5. My bad, thought you were chipping me ha.
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  7. Love a well placed typo.

    Ahhhh the irony...
  8. To the OP.
    It's a tough one. If you can find Joe Rocket in a size that fits, then it's a solid choice of jacket.
    Walden Miller in SA will tailor make at a reasonable price. I've got a pair of their pants that I'm very happy with.
    Just looking around online I found this http://www.fc-moto.de/epages/fcm.sf...ducts/Modeka-Leather-Jacket-Indianapolis-0001 I've no idea how good this is but Modeka appears to be a German company maybe manufacturing in Czech Republic.

  9. Thanks mate.. Ill give it a look..

    Is it just me or have Joe Rocket Stockists disappeared off the face of the earth (australia- Sydney)?
  10. Tiger Angel will custom make, but exxy.
    Bikers gear will adjust theirs to fit, plus they seem to have larger sizes anyway.
    Both in Melbourne, but might be worth communicating with them.
  11. Joe Rocket no longer has an Australian distributor. The last was Bike Gear Warehouse and they had a huge closing down a couple years ago. They don't seem interested in finding another, I've harassed the shit out of them.

    Dririder goes up to 8XL, 58in chest I believe. Was your 66 in true size or Euro size (-10)?
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