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Race Glass Suppliers

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for race glass for the Blade. I have contacted Racers Edge and Wet4u and prices seem to range from low 800 to 1200 for fairings. I've seen the Racers Edge product and it looks very good, but they can't supply until the beginning of February.

    Apart from Wet4u, are there any other quality suppliers that people can recommend and that might have stock. I understand that there's always some fiddling and dicking about required, but I don't want to spend days trying to get bits to fit.

    On quality, what am I looking for? Are there any give aways that show a poor quality item?

    Other than a few track days at the end of the month, I've no real need to get the panels sooner than Feb.

    Any tips/ideas are welcome :)
  2. Just interested to know why you want Race Glass if it's only for track days?
    I thought about it as well, but if you don't race the bike, I don't really see the need for them. They are not cheap and you still need to paint them.

    But I have heard the Race Glass make very good stuff, most people I have come across are using them. Have you tried MC News, that site often has secondhand race fairings.
  3. The bike is going to be used for club meets (at the back!). Even for track days, race glass is much cheaper than fairing panels for a Blade as even a low speed bingle will result in much damage. The Blade now has slicks, so the next step was glass.

    I've checked out the various classifieds, but haven't found anything yet.

    Race Glass? Do you have contact details?
  4. Have a look at the classifieds on the OZ superbikes website, there's usually a few listed there.
  5. I'd recommend Zaks, there fairing are awesome. The fit together perfectly, are straight, light and very strong.
    Speak to Jo on 03 5721 8996

    They are also very pleasant to deal with, unlike some (who I won't mention)
  6. Thanks Ian, I'll call them tomorrow (assuming they're back at work).
  7. hey cj i have a m8 that has some 2nd hand glass 4 ur bike. from what i remember its in good condition. he may have other bits too. ill ring him and then pm u his no.
  8. Thx! If it's in good nick then I'm definitely interested.
  9. OK, now to the next bit

    The glass has arrived and apart from modifying the tank cover, it looks ok. But...The Blade has a tilt switch to stop the engine when the bike is on it's side. It normally mounts to the headlight assembly.

    Has anyone come across this problem before? Is there a way to remove the tilt switch or is it just a case of working out to mount the switch?
  10. Cejay, who'd ya get your race glass from??? Wet4U have heaps of raceglass... including one for the 9R for $<800. Some local Vic mobs couldn't help me out at all... not enuff 9R track bikes!

    Uncle Bren says he knows someone locally who might be able to help out...
  11. I have the glass already. Amazing how after you pay for the damn thing that people appear from nowhere with offers of race glass! Arrgghh, the people that Ian recommended are very good and I got a good price (not as cheap as wet4u but slightly better than the others).
  12. These people are good -> Sharks

    That's where I'm getting mine from :grin: