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Race Fans Deny Their Inner Ghoul - Jill Singer HUN today (b$%ch)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Greydog, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. **Mods, just realised this might be better in the Racing section - feel free to move if you agree.**

    Jill Singer (who I can't stand anyway) let fly at motosport fans today in the HUN...


    Stupid cow...

    And my letter to the editor is (not as eloquent as I'd like, but I was in a hurry, and yes, I don't like horse/greyhound racing):

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  2. that piece of writing isn't fit to wipe your ass with -
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  3. lawn bowls has more deaths than motorcycle racing.

    ban lawn bowls.
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  4. loved your replay mate...
  5. Yes, that's a breathtakingly cynical piece of carcass-picking on the part of a media vulture. Race fans love the sport and acknowledge that risk and loss is part of life. The mainstream media, on the other hand, only visit to profit from and revel in the carnage when it happens.

    But I care not. Her kind (the majority) don't understand, and never will, what drives a racer. We at least have a tiny hint. They live a life debased by fear and are imprisoned by it. Pity them.
  6. Wow...talk about one sided argument. She's probably the type that would block riders or don't do head checks because it's dangerous for riders to be on the road.
  7. Nothing worse than the opinionated ignorant firing shots from the cotton wool environment. I will treat her article with the contempt it deserves.
  8. I treat ALL her articles with the contempt they deserve.

    Just thought others might like to see this one.
  9. With the control and safety measures evident in high end sports such as MotoGP, F1, etc etc you are probably safer on the track than the street. Every day i have to share the roads with ill trained drivers in numbers far exceeding the safe capacity of our road networks all for the luxury of personal air conditioning, radio, and convenience. And every day someone somewhere dies as a result of poor judgement, poor training, or delibarate and dangerous driving. Far greater blood is on her hands.
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  10. Actually tiggers, I think that piece of writing is fit to wipe your ass with.
  11. Your reply hasnt been printed, mine wont be either..
  12. maybe she should try riding a bike on public roads before critiscizing a supervised, trained environment like MotoGP...
  13. What a Muppet.
  14. Oi! how dare you tarnish the image of the muppets by associating them with that ignorant cow
  15. Stupid cvnt.
    I raced ocean racing yachts for 20 years and have been in 3 races where people died....one race off Sydney where 4 died in the one incident.
    So lets ban yacht racing as well.
    Oh, and football...such a violent passtime should be definitely banned!
    Hang on...I forgot aviation! Planes crash all the time so we better ban air travel.
    Does this excuse for an individual ever actually venture outside, or does she cower in fear behind a computer screen all day in case she gets hit by flying bird poo as she walks down the street?
  16. We do have blood on our hands, let's be truthful about that.

    But Simoncelli was able to carve out a career doing what he loved & died doing what he loved.

    Until she can write at the level Simoncelli could ride, she should keep her mouth shut.

    Great reply BTW Greydog.
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  17. If they want to ban activities that lead to death, then they best ban living.
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  18. If trolls had a Godqueen to worship she would be it.

    My favourite part is where she knows the hearts and minds of millions of racefans and judges them.
    My second favourite bit is where she interprets Vales comments how she wants them to read to suit her purposes. I wonder if she's could say it to his face?
  19. how so?

    when i race, i dont do it so other people can watch me, i do it because its what i want to do. i dont care how many people are watching, i dont care if people like it.

    and if i die in a race, then so be it.
  20. I'll keep an eye out in the printed version tomorrow.