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Race fairings

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by supernatural_18, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    I know there has been a thread on this because i searched, still need some help tho.

    I am after race fairings for a 05 GSXR600. So far i have heard of:
    - Zak's fairings (havent got a quote yet)
    - Racers' edge ($1095 for a set)
    - Wet4u ($895)

    Having a look on ebay though i find complete sets for US$550 delivered.

    Has anyone gone this option for any type of bike? Is it risky buying race glass off ebay?


  2. i was told anything from ebay just wont fit you properly.

    its not like sumthing for you're pc..

    for bikes .. you get what you pay.

    for PC. you can alternate this 20 dollar instead of spending 50... bcoz it does the same job *electronicaly*

    but .. its physicaly and cannot be changed once it is on. (engine, appearance, etc)
  3. Pretty sure there are some on Aussuperbikes classifieds at the moment, check there.
  4. Hey,
    Nah ive already had a look on there.
    There is one set that was converted to road fairings
    Another set that have cracks, repairs etc and look horrible

    That was all i could find for the K5
  5. Zaks are the best, but failing thats there's also Raceglass in Victoria.
  6. Cool, what are they like pricewise?
    Yeh i forgot to mention raceglass.. they are an option too

    Thats the one from the ebay auction. Item is in Florida, made my Pit-Teck.
  7. Zaks aren't too bad on price. Not the cheapest but definitely the best quality.
    They fit straight away, they are straight and light weight.
    With some of the cheaper stuff, you end up fighting it, to try and get it to fit.

    Not fun when it's itchy fibreglass.
  8. I just got Raceglass, price was on par with others, quality was not good, bad finish, bad fit. :(
    However, when alerted to the poor product, the guy came to my house from Bayswater and modified it to fit better, not perfectly, but acceptable. I still had to custom make a seat bracket myself though.
  9. stay off the chinese fairings from ebay.
    Got me a set and they were junk. Melted close to the muffler and fitting it took mayor work. Also the paint layer is so thin.
  10. The manufacturer reckons the problem with the ill-fitting set was due to your incompetence, a written off bike and a lack of experience rather than the problem being with their product.

  11. how would i get onto zak's fairings? i did a search on google and cant find any listings :?

    cheers guys
  12. lol your on here too

    finally going back to FF i see... niice
  13. Which is what you would expect him to say. Was the poor finish on the product my fault also? What about the seat mount which he is now redesigning? My fault too I guess....... :roll:
  14. I have Zaks number here somewhere (Mountain of paperwork to complete this weekend. Give me a call monday and i'll find it.
  15. Off topic Sorry, But still looking for a 125 GP bike?
    If you PM me your email :wink: