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Race fairings

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mini_chew90, May 12, 2010.

  1. Looking to get some fibreglass fairings for my 09 gsxr 600 so i can worry alittle less about stacking it at ride days and having to fork out 2000 grand for plastic damage.
    So just wondering what companys you guys get them from and prices??

  2. Bike Gear Warehouse have some good deals
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  5. glad you're keen to do more track days and look after the gixxer. but remember, fairings are usually only part of the repair bill. set aside some $$$ for axle sliders, oggy knobs, and engine case protectors, etc. if you can get a spare fuel tank (almost always gets damaged), use that too.

    after seeing what the rocks in the run off areas at PI can do to a bike.... rock blasting fork legs, frame, engine cases, brake rotors, tearing off fairings, destroying expensive mufflers, etc.... fairings are only one of many very expensive items that get wiped out.
  6. cheers guys will look them up
    I already have case covers, axle slides front and back and oggy knobs. so should be alright. If theres anything else that will protect my bike???
  7. The PI gravel traps are allegedly about the worst in the world for doing damage to bikes that go for a slide in it. They are huge jagged bits of quartz, granite and/or marble that absolutely rips bikes apart. You'd think that they'd at least have rolled the rocks in a cement mixer for a few hours to smooth them up, but no. They are just raw jagged crushed rocks of around 5cm in size.

    Anytime you crash at PI, while you're sliding down the road you're thinking to yourself: "I hope to god that my bike doesn't hit the gravel trap!"
  8. to be totally honest, buy a track bike for a few grand and thrash it instead of your nice, pretty street bike. that's what i'm doing, my R1 is too nice (in my opinion).

    a nice bike, after a decent "off" at the track (especially thru the rocks at PI), will devalue a bit, plus the repair bill to restore it to it's former glory. for this money u can buy a track bike. that's how i'm justifying it to my missus. 8-[

    Flux has had first hand experience with the PI gravel traps. I recall a story of his old R1 going upside down thru the rocks, ending up with nothing from the seat up left on the bike! (Stew, correct me if my recollection is wrong)