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Race Fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by pseretis01, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    Im new to the Netrider Forum so i would liek to indroduce myself by saying Hi and that i hope to meet some regulars on some upcoming rides.

    Now my topic is in regards to race fairings. Long story short i bought my self a black/silver 2002 GSXR 600 for $3500 with a broken R/H fairing, broken brake leaver, broken OGGY knob bolt and hadnt been started/riden in 2 yrs so a full service and new battery. Know i have not found a new fairing as it is fairly damaged due to being dropped twice so i figured ill buy the race fairings. My question is how can i cut out the front to put in my headlight and the same with the rear taillight? Are they a pretty good fit?

    I figured i got the bike dirt cheap i may aswell make it unique and enjoy my fun with it. Also abit off topic, i joined to make new friends in the bike world so i can ride with and get some advice off the forums. Can some1 reccomend me a shop to go to that is cheap to drop my engine to pull the oggie bolt out as it snapped in the engine mount/frame?

    thanks guys
    ride safe

  2. Peter, first of all, welcome to Netrider, this is great place and the answers you seek (as the green sock puppet says in the Telstra advert) are almost certainly here.

    Could I however draw your attention to a line in the Terms and Conditions of the forum?

    * DON'T post your subject or your text in ALL CAPS - your post will be deleted. CAPS is SHOUTING and it's considered rude

    I'm guessing you posted for emphasis, but your post risks not achieving its end if it gets pulled out of the main forum.
  3. sorry hornet

    i put in caps to attract attention to my topic not to shout sorry if you could direct me in how t change the topic so that i dont pose a risk in it getting removed that would be greatly appreciated
  4. Look at the bit that says edit in your post
    Click that and edit
  5. No probs, mate

    just go back to your first post and hit the 'edit' button on the top right, and change the thread title to lower case

    too easy :)

    Thanks for the understanding response :)
  6. Hi Peter

    Have you actually bought the race fairings yet? If not I'm willing to part with a set of road fairings from a GSX-R750 for the right price, and I think they should fit your bike.
  7. Rather than a race fairing have a look on ebay at replacement road fairings. Large selection of paint schemes around $700 - $900. For the difference in price I think the painted road fairings would be a better option.
  8. You might want to also check out Streetglass Fairings:


    I haven't purchased any fairings from Streetglass myself, but they claim to sell aftermarket painted chinese made ABS plastic street fairings for most sportsbikes which are allegedly better in quality to most of the products advertised on E-bay.

    Hope this helps!


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  9. whata you mean it hasnt been ridden in 2 years...jeez the guy who owned it musta hurt himself pretty badly.... brake leaver, knob n battery local shop, service garage. easy.

    fairing id say go with aftermarket one, if you cut it n f**k up you;ll need more than a few beers. also the edges cut wont be rounded unless you plan to round them off.

    id say go get brake leaver n battery n duct tape. service it and get it on the road and come for a few NR group rides. a broken fairing will give it a bit of character :LOL: no point payin rego if its not on the road, if it still has rego