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race ECU vs. Power commander

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Can anyone explain the basic differences between an ECU and a power commander?

    I know a PC will be like tuning/jetting a carby, what does the ECU do?

    The ECU must have a wider control over the engine than simple fuel adjustments.]
    what are some examples?

  2. Well the ECU controls "everything" electrical on the bike, all a power commander can do is piggy back an ecu and change air/fuel.
  3. A powercommader V can only map 4 injectors, most modern bikes have 8 injectors so if you want to make the additional 4 you need to add the Secondary Fuel Module. If you want to adjust the ignition you need to add the ignition module. I have all 3 in my CBR600RR because no one seems to do a flashable ECU for hondas.

    For my R1 you can get a kit from flashtune where you program your factory ECU. You can load in fuel tables for both sets of injectors, timing, throttle, idle maps. You can adjust all kinds of other stuff such as engine braking strength, disable exup valve, change thermo fan kick in temps.

    The only downside is apparently it takes longer to tune a bike when your flashing it as opposed to powercommanders.
  4. Food for thought - the ECU they use in the LS1 and similar can be programmed basically infinitely... Would take a hell of a lot of work to get working correctly but it would be so customisable...
  5. Sounds familiar, almost like Triumphs do that too ;)