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race bike stands

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by finplan, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have plans for the building of race stands in tubular steel..Dimensions - drawings etc.or know where i can get some off the net...I have welder etc and there does not look too much to them...I could always go to my local bike store and measure a set...but this may piss the owner off.

  2. there is very few bike shops that are owner operated , go to say MCA at liverpool with your tape measure , i doubt anyone would kick you out
  3. Mate I got mine (Sharp) of ebay almost brand new for $60 inc postage ($8) at that rate its not worth building them yourself. Just keep an eye on ebay or post a want it on NR.
  4. Yeah, I got an Rjay's rear stand from a shop for $100, great investment, such a good tool. Mate, just go into a shop, photograph one with a digital camera or phone and measure it and just tell the guy in the shop you've got an extended swingarm and fat rear tyre on your bike at home and you need to know if the stand is wide enough to fit. Won't take you long to measure it up. Or drop a ruler on the ground next to the stand when you photograph it so you've got some scale in your photo.
  5. Thanks for all the info...great ideas
  6. +1, just rec'd mine today, good and cheap! They sell stacks of their stuff on eBay cheap.
  7. Old thread but saves starting a new one.

    Kaneg make 2 front stands. The standard one (that lifts under the forks, and the head stem lifting stand.

    I need to get one. Primarily to make cleaning the front wheel easier. Would the standard model be ok for removing the front wheel from time to time also? Or would i be better with the head stem lifting model?? The standard model is $80 cheaper.
  8. I have the "Kaneg" stands, the front is the fork type(they fit under the bottom of the fork legs). I have had no problems removeing the front wheel.
    For $190 for both front and rear delivered, within 5 days!
    They even supplied swing arm spool to mach the colour of my bike.
  9. I have plans (i found online) for a stand somewhere on the pc, but like others said for 100.00 it's wasn't worth my time to build my own.

    If you still want them let me know and i will try and dig em up.

    Cheers stewy :)
  10. I have a front and rear, brand new, that I got as samples. $150 for the pair, pick up western burbs Melb'. I will put a pick up a bit later....
  11. On that site, what are the 'spools' they sell?


    are they a dfrnt brand of Oggy Knobs or is there come other function? They are metal and pretty cheap.
    Edit: I see they also sell crash knobs...so not likley to be those...
  12. Spools are the pick up points for the race stands. If your bike doesn't accomodate them by having a threaded hole on the rear swing arm, then you need to get a stand with the platform type of pick up.
  13. Thanks :grin: