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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twistngo, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. How dangerous is it to hit a rabbit. They've been darting all over the road lately and I'm not sure whether to swerve or just hit them. So far swerving has worked. But some run around in circles.

    PS. I saw a deer on the road the other day. Those I know not to hit.
  2. I reckon potentially just as dangerous as some other wildlife. Nowhere near as dangerous as a horse and less than a Roo but a Rabbit can still bring you down. I mean, take a look at Monty Python and The Holy Grail and don't be fooled by those cute Rabbit ears.
    Cane Toads on the other hand ....
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  3. i would think they would only do you harm if you physically ran over the top of one. more often than not if you hit one it would be thrown to one side of your bike, but there is a chance you would run straight over it
  4. On another forum I read:
    "if it is small enough to eat in a single sitting, then just run it over"[DOUBLEPOST=1357565591][/DOUBLEPOST]FWIW a person ran across the road one day..... right into the side my bike as I was riding past. I stayed upright.
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  5. so are we to consider people wildlife now?
  6. Oh no, plus humans are far to big to eat at a single sitting, so no again.......
  7. speak for yourself...there may not be much to me but i can feckin eat.
  8. i try to hit them.
    i got a cat once too.
    no diferent than how you'd take a speed bump on a loan bike. just hit them straight on bolt upright. have your weight on the pegs so you don't get a knock to the ballsack. really it dose'nt take much to hurt your balls.
    the only way a rabbit could bring you down would be on a corner and wash out the front. or maybe on a scooter with their tiny gayass wheels. probably be thrown from the scooter. which would be fun, but still gay.
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  9. Could depend on the bike. My GS500F doesn't have a lot of clearance on the fairing behind the front wheel. I've never hit one yet but I swurved to miss an Echidna the other day. I wouldn't like to kill a native animal but an introduced pest like a rabbit or cat wouldn't concern me as long as it's out of it's misery.
  10. I've run over probably 5 + rabbits (not on purpose).

    Front wheel back wheel ,
    As long as you're going straight it doesn't really affect anything. Hardly feel it.

    On a corner however that's when it can be dangerous.
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  11. Try to only run over the head, then you have dinner sorted.
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  12. We talking about rabbits or people?
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  13. "What do you mean you'd hit me?"

  14. I try and avoid them nowadays as the smell of cooking bunny stuck to my headers just made me hungry. Maybe I should start carrying some salt, pepper and sage with me.
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  15. No problem, ran over one leaving work the other night. I was coming out of a corner and it ran under the front wheel while I was still leant over a bit. The bike gave a bit of a headshake, but was just like hitting a pothole. Hadn't long eaten, so I didn't stop....
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  16. Seems the bunnies (and ringtail possums) in my area don't like loud pipes... had a number aim at the bike only to do a U-turn at the last moment. Can't say the same for our feathered friends though, been whacked by a few in the last few months.
  17. I've hit a couple of rabbits over the years, hit them straight on and take your weight on the pegs and you'll be OK.

    I know someone who hit a fox and that got a bit messy. His RD400 Yamaha got into a real tank slapper and eventually high-sided. He was OK but his bike was written off. It didn't do the fox a lot of good either.
  18. :rofl: ill have to show my wife this post
  19. Don't under estimate a bikes double use as a tenderising mallet. When I'm making schnitzel I just get the dudette to line up the chicken thighs.
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  20. I had a near miss caused by a rabbit once. I chased it on to the gravel verge before I remembered I wasn't in my car at the time...