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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Devilcv8, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Not the furry kind, but the motorised version that runs in front.

    Heading from Bega to Canberra sunday afternoon and just before I hit Brown Mtn I spot some bikes approaching from the rear. I do my usual up Brown until the bikes catch up (damn slow silver VE Omega only doing 70). I wave the bikes past (I'm in my voodoo blue VE SS ute).
    Once we hit the top,the Omega takes off doing 125 to 140 so I let the rabbit get a few hundred metres up the road and follow.
    If anyone knows the road between Nimmitabel and Cooma, there is a short straight that has a dirt road signposted to the Peak road.

    As I come around the sweeping corner onto the straight doing $1.30 lo and behold on the side of the road is a green marked HWP with lights ablazing. Bikes in front slow, I slow, Turbo forester behind me brakes, cop does a u turn and fortunately the Omega realised he was done and pulled over in front of us.
    Bikes, me and the forester sat around the speed limit until Cooma. I had to refuel at Cooma and when I finished, who did I happen to overtake, but the rabbit (omega) doing a pedestrian 100km/h.

    Thankyou mr rabbit, it was fun.

    One thing tho, why didn't the bikes who overtook me up Brown get done, they must have been very lucky.
  2. I call 'em wood ducks.
  3. "Copbait" - Lets you take your mind off the speedo for a while as you see the disco lights on the horizon. :)