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  1. Hey,
    I'm looking at buying a 1998 model R6 with 39,000km on the clock for about $3700. I've got a background in trail bikes and have previously owned a zzr 250.

    Firstly i was wondering what people thought of this model, in particular the 1998 model and is it a worthwhile investment for me around the price range of $3500-4500 or should i be looking at another model by another maker? Just to add I'll be riding the bike to uni and back each day and taking it for a ride on the weekend.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Nice model. I vaguely recall 2nd gear being something to watch out for on them?

    I'd be looking at cbr600fs as well.
  3. I would be questioning the ks on the bike.. Its a 12yo bike, to only have 39,000 just doesnt make sence.
    Lets do the math..... if the bike was only ridden 25 times a year, it would have to travel less than 135k each time in order to have 39,000 on it now..
    My guess would be that the bike has had the speedo changed due to an accident, speedo has been disconnected for a large part of its life or the ks have been wound back.
  4. or it could of been sitting in the shed for a while
  5. My 1999 r1 only did 17,000 in 11 years

    for the first 9 years it had only done 8000

    so there are genuine low km old bikes out there
  6. Some people rather polish their bikes then ride them....

    More likely could have been owned buy someone with a lot of commitments that didn't get the chance to ride often.
  7. How could you justify registering and insuring a bike that only travels about 1500ks a year... Sh*t, Ive done close to that in a WEEKEND!!

    I stand by my original comment... IT DOES NOT MAKE SENCE.
  8. I didnt own it all that time -- the original owner was so fanatical ( big russian diesel mechanic ) that he even watched the bike being taken out of the crate and assembled and did not let the dealership mechanics even sit on it

    plus originally it was QLD single seat rego = cheap

    about what $200 a year with ctp maximum cost

    next R1 I get I will do the same and rego it at my old mans place in Brisbane
  9. When I got my 05 R6 it had 14,000 on the clock at 5 years old (So much the same ratio) I doubled it in my first year of owning it.
    3000k a year doesn’t make sense to people who actually ride, but if your café isn’t that far away, and you only take the bike there in summer, then it is possible… Not Logical, but possible.
    As for the model, can’t help, I was only looking at 03+ models, but as a general rule if the Question is R6… the Answer is most probably YES!!!
  10. He could have broken a leg, or had other commitments, or been sick etc.

    A lot of the time you'll see people selling bikes with less than 5,000 on the clock and they've had it for over a year, and they've just had kids so don't ride anymore.
  11. I've recently bought a 2001 model bike, and it's only got 18,000 k's on it.

    2,000 k's a year, or 38 k's a week.

    It happens. :)


    BTW, I think it's an excellent deal. Take it for a ride if you can and if it's what you're after, give them the money and ride home :D
  12. So there's no problems with the model i should look out for? is the price tag of 3800 reasonable? He told me that he has three cars and has barely ridden it of late since hes got a young family. It's been in the shed for a while gathering dust.
  13. I did mammoth kms on my 250 when i started riding in about 2 months.

    However ive had my R6 since december 2009 and due to advanced work commitments its only done 675kms.. hasnt even had its first service yet, i love getting out on it but unfourtanately if you dont have the time.. it doesnt get ridden. there are plenty of genuine low k'ers out there.
  14. Second gear in the some of the early r6's had a reputation for wearing out - apparently when given a squirt in second the bike will pop out of gear. There's plenty of references on r6 forums to it. It is dead obvious on a test ride apparently. Also, it might be wise not to do any clutch up wheelies in second.
  15. If the R6 is like the R1 of that age group watch out for the detent spring issue causes 2nd gear problems