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r6 yamha

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jamie, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. does any one know the correct average operating temp sould be ,ie between 75-85 degrese,and there does not seem to be a fuel tap is this right

  2. Operating temp sounds about right mate, if not a little low. Don't be alarmed when the radiator fan comes on to cool stuf off at 100 deg. Not sure what models had the fuel tap, I think (correct me if I'm worng) once fuel injection came in there is no need for a fuel tap seeing as though they stuck a low fuel light in. I have an 05 and temp sounds right and no fuel taps ;).

  3. Cooling fan coming on at about 100 makes sense for any 13-15psi pressurised cooling system. You want the oil getting at least 130 to boil off moisture.

    Remember if the oil temp is probably 130 the water 100. Water would need to be about 130 in a 15psi system to boil.

    My BMW car the thermostat kicks off at 100c and the fan kicks on at 99c.

    As for my bike, it's air cooled so :p
  4. thanks for the info guys,my 99 model is carbed not injected,but I would say your right about the fuel tap because I can't find one if there is, I am wondering how you would get to your reserve fuel if needed. I onley have done short trips so far so thats why the temp is low,but it is good to now for the piece of mind.are there any inhrent problems with these models that any one knows about, cheers .
  5. Yep... if you come off you certainly pay for it!!! So do your best to not come off :grin: