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R6 vs Gixxer 600 or gixxer 750 SRAD

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robbie3786, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. R6

  2. GSXR 600

  1. Hey all!!

    Just a quick one, i decided that since i'm on my l's im gonna start saving up for my next bike.. roughly aiming around 9-11k on either an R6 or a gixxer, just wondering if anybody had any comments? pro's con's?

    Also is there a difference between a normal gixxer 750 and a SRAD gixxer 750? or was the SRAD a marketing tool by Suzuki? (I'm a fan of the big bum)

  2. Test ride them all.

    Buy the one you like the best.

    750's are cool, though.
  3. Honda 600RR....Much better bike!
  4. honda is nice, gixxer is often more practical with mid range but the R6 is just a weapon

    its like you can have a husband/wife (not being sexist) that can cook and clean or you can have one thats wild in bed :grin:

    ok maybe bad analogy but meh, im sure you get the idea

    Either way, like almost everyone is going to tell you, ride them all and pick the one that suits you best.

    My vote still goes t the R6 tho (i can cook and clean but it takes two to tango :p )
  5. i voted gixxer 600. i do own 1 so am a little biased :p

    but i deliberately didn't test ride an r6. i knew i would love it. and the ones i liked were out of my price range at the time. also i felt they were a bit much for me. heard they are real light for a 600 and really flickable. i din't want that false sense of rideability when it was my first upgrade.
    I'm extremely happy with my gsxr. love the way i can rid it anyway i like and its still awesome fun. then turns into a fun animal at around 9000 rpm :twisted: :cool:

    so yeah, with everyone else. test ride both. a couple of times. just to make sure :wink:
  6. 08 r6 :D:D they are sick
    bout to get one too ;)
  7. thanks for the replies guys.

    Made my mind up.. i like the R6 feels comfortable an di love having that power on hand also... i love its lines man its beastly.

    All i have to do now is get my P's.. and some moolah!! and extra moolah for mods :p (appearance mods only.. and maybe an exhaust and airfilter and oilfilter) bu thats it... :)