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R6 vesus R1 versus Gsxr - 7fiddy - You choose

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by c0rrupt, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. I would like to know everyone's opinion on the above bikes, so if you could choose any of the above, which one would you have and why?

  2. I would be happy if you bought either one for me
  3. I'd probably have the R1 because... its the R1.
    I'd be worried that if I got anything less, I'd regret it.

    Any model prior to the 09 looks really hot.
    Especially the 2004's.
  4. If someone bought me any of them i'd be rather pleased myself :LOL:

    But the reason i ask is because the next bike I get will be around for a while and will most likely mod it up from new and spend a bit of cash on it, i've had r6's in the past and love them but just curious if the r1 would be better in the long run, i've never had gsxrs but the 750 options seems a good compromise.
  5. I would go the R1, I just like the look of it more, esp in black with red angel lights and a nice air brush that doesn't stand out like a fat chick and a bikini contest.
  6. I would buy the 750.
  7. Considered the Daytona 675, CBR 600, etc?
  8. Tobe honest... I haven't.

    If its going to be a 600 then its the R6 hands down, i'm just a huge yamaha fan. That being said I have a honda just now and am very impressed with it.

    But again, if there is compelling reasons for others then will have a think, but mainly I love the R series look. Whatever I get will be 08 or newer
  9. r6 for me, why? cause i own 1 :)
  10. The daytona is interesting, it's 3 cyl, distinctive sound track, considered much more practical because it pulls harder, earlier. Lower redline, but keeps up with the rest around the track....also a "narrower" bike due to one less cylinder. Has systems that mimic a slipper clutch......

    Essentially, it's an interesting bike. I plan to test-ride one. I think you should too, that goes for all the bikes on your list. Try a cbr, gsx, r6, etc.

    Also consider, if your looking for opinions based puerly on looks your a poser. If your even "slightly" considering actually test riding bikes to find out what suits *you* your going to be happier, longer.

    If you want a "name" bike with street cred, skipt he bullshi$ and get a ducati. Even my retardedly hot second cousin who doesnt know the difference between a motorbike and a trike knows what a ducati is.
  11. Interesting, you make a very good point. I do like the look of a daytona but always thought comes with a very hi price tag that is not commensurate with the ones I was considering. I'll def try them all out, another thing I didn't actually think about... I can be quite blinkered i've just realized!
  12. Quick search on bikesales shows they seem to all be about the same price point for the ~600cc bikes, including triumph. Why buy new anyway, heaps of low km bikes out there.
  13. Ok, thanks - good to know. Well I guess I just like the idea of having a new from straight out the box.
  14. I've got the gsxr 750 just from the reviews. Never ridden a 600 or 1000.

    I'm very happy with the 750, nice mix of the two. Its revvy enough and torquey enough, beaut handling, light, great brakes.
  15. I.m on a new k9 gsxr750
    just got off a zx12r
    Love the 750 light heaps of power(performs down low were the 600's wont)
    6 kg heavier than the 600
    and every second person and there dog has an R1(and thinks they can ride it :roll: )
    I was waiting for the k9 1000 but glad I got the 750

    Will be doing a bike review shortly
  16. But then you have to run it in!

    Fu*k that!

    Test ride em and buy what's right for you.


    P.S Trumpies aren't any more expensive than any of the other 600s. :cool:
  17. Engine is from all reports an absolute beauty, however the practicality is severely compromised by a very aggressive riding position - high seat and a lot of weight forward on the wrists.

    Not that any modern sportsbike could really be called comfortable, but the 'Tona is one of the worst. That said, I'd love one, but not because it's practical!

    New they've generally been around a grand more exxy, and not as likely to be discounted as the Japs. From my observation, anyway. Used it probably evens out a bit.

    750 Has always been considered a good compromise between the twitchy/rev hungry 600s and heavier/bulkier 1000s, although the latest crop of litre bikes are TINY - especially the 'Blade and Gix (I thought the new GSXR1000 was a 600 when I first saw one in the 'flesh.')

    I've got one, and love it, but can't really offer an impartial relative opinion because I haven't owned a 6 or 1000, and mines also quite a bit older (therefore heavier, slower, more comfortable and cheaper) than the stuff you're looking at!
  18. Thanks, some interesting points
  19. As mentioned in Off Topic, I'll be riding an R6 for the first time tomorrow arvo, and will probably post a bit of an impression here.
  20. Thanks, that will be great - I'm SURE you will love it! what year are you testing?

    Anyway, look forward to the review