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r6 transmission is goooone!! noo!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fastkid, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has ever replaced an r6 2001 model tranny before and if so is it hard for the novice (no im no mechanic) or if they know someone that can offer the service for a low price as im kinda tight with cash at the moment with going back to uni


  2. What are the symptoms of the problem?


  3. Depends what's wrong with it, it could be something easy to fix on the outside like the shift lever mechanism, or it could be internal like teeth/dogs/forks. If it's inside the cases it's about the most complicated job in motorcycling, the engine will have to come out and be disassembled, that's well over a grand, maybe a couple. Sorry, dude :cry: You really need to find out what exactly is wrong with it.
  4. shift dogs are all eaten, fork selectas bent trust me I know i need a new tranny.. The thing wont even reverse in neutral!

    apparently its a slid out gearbox so no I dont have to take out the motor this is why im contemplating it doing it myself, but i need the mechanic manual not sure where I can find it.
  5. Just guessing here -but I suspect it may be jumping out of gear due to the dogs worn on second gear. Hard shifts from first to second the culprit. If the gear dogs are not too badly worn it MAY be possible to get a reputable company to undercut the affectected gears/dogs. First thing to do would be to get yourself the appropriate manual for your bike. Otherwise you're just flying blind.
    As for difficulty, it's not really any more difficult than say changing valve shims or replacing crank bearings or piston rings etc etc. Main thing is, measure & double check all clearances as described in the workshop manual.
  6. Just read your post fastkid -depending on the amount of new parts required, it may be more economical to simply replace the engine with something off the likes of e-bay. Price up the parts & make your decision from there.
  7. I can pick up a top condition complete gearbox for $600 and i know i can get them undercut for $70 a gear, but i wouldnt have to touch the rest of the motor would i? BTW I have never done anything mechanical before, but I have no choice but to attempt it myself out of $$
  8. Do you only get the main shafts & gear clusters or do all the shift forks etc come with the gearbox parts as well? I am not familiar with your particular bikes gearbox so I can only suggest obtaining a workshop manual to see if you can check/replace all the shift forks etc without removing the engine.
  9. Hi, according to the book the top end has to come off and the crankcase halves separated, before you can get the gears out to check the dogs, or get the shift forks out to check them and the selector drum. It's almost complete disassembly of the engine. :cry: So given your experience or lack of, you might be better swapping your engine and some $$ for a complete working 2nd hand engine. That'd simplify matters from a 10/10 complexity to maybe an 6/10 or 7/10.
  10. I'd just go for it. Get a manual, check, double check, and ask someone if all else fails. The hardest part is usually deciding to do something yourself.
  11. bugger mate, all those monos worth it now? :p
    should have got a honda. :LOL:

    good luck with it but, im in your shoes, going back to uni etc, id be doing the same thing. out of curiosity how many clicks on the donc?

    oh and PS, BEFORE you take anything apart, get the factory manual (or haynes ive seen an R6 one floating around) and see what special tools you may need, if you cant burrow them off someone, you'll need to budget that in. nothing thats a specific bike tool is cheap. a fcuken camshaft lifter for the 250 is 230 bucks.
  12. If it was me I'd make aproject out of it. Mind you i only own a 500$ GPX so you R6 is a bit more to ruin if something does go wrong. But even on that note im tight too so i'd still try. (Put it this way, I pulled the carbs off my bike and cleaned them all from help found on the net. Mind you i do have experience working on motors. But if you take your time it can be done. Worst thing you can do I rekon is to set yourself a time limit.)

    Whats the worst you could do? Knock abit of labour time off the mechanic cause you've pulled it down already etc.

    Just give yourself a good week or couple weekends to have a crack at it. I too am going to uni (start Monday) and understand how frustrating it could be without a bike. You seem to have a guide so just print it out, give it a read (or three) and once your confident have a crack.

    I'd also check you dont need any special tools first aswell and making sure your part is available. Nothing worse then getting the engine out and getting to a part of the engine where a special tool is required and i might have said it already but 'take your time'.

    Just my 2cents.
  13. +1!
  14. +2
    Or get an upgrade of the R6. The 01-04 models were shiite!
  15. pro, joel and mondays

    its a common fault in the design of the early R6 that the gear dogs are short and there are only 3 dogs per gear not 5 like the newer ones. It is not from wheelies as many people do not short shift or wheelie and have the same problem. I do not shift during a wheelie anyway, but balance or ride out all mine.

    P.s when i get it fixed ill still have my fun :wink:

  16. thanks Pat ur a champ
  17. That's a buggar about your gearbox steve.I was wondering why you weren't at the ride on thursday,I guess i know why now.
    I have heard about second gear going on these bikes and some early R1's.
    I would price around and try to find a bike mechanic that isn't going to charge the earth.They are around but are hard to find.
    You could save some money by removing the motor from the bike and then give the motor to the mechanic to take it from there.
    After the work is done you could re-install the motor.

    I hope that you aren't off the road for too long.