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R6 starting problems

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by R66, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    I have a little drama with my 1999 R6, it doesnt like starting anymore! on the wend I went to start as normal and she turned over and tried but didnt ignite! then after a second or 2 (with the starter button pressed) i could here the starter motor (i thk) turning over - a rat tat tat tat tat sound, sorry but that the best i cld do! Iam not quite sure though!

    The bike has started fine previously and it had only been a few days since i rode it last! i do have fuel in tank!

    Does this sound like anything in particular??

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. how old is the battery? have u tryed jump starting it?
  3. Sounds like the battery has run out of grunt mate. Whether thats from trying to start it or the initial problem is hard to say.
    Check battery leads are connected tight. Might pay to remove them and reattach. Jump start as suggested or roll start it. Get the battery checked if you dont have a multi meter just go to your local auto elec.

    The onset of winter will see a lot of posts like yours. I replaced mine about 6 weeks ago because I knew it would let me down. With a new battery you soon realise how slow the old one was cranking. It sneaks up on you and you dont notice it.

    Good luck.
  4. The battery is ok, after 5 or 6 times it was getting a little flat but i have tried it since and there is plenty of juice to start it!!
  5. Cheers I will look into it a little more and check the battery leads! I guess a good battery shld be able to turn the motor over more than 5 times??

    Is it best to start in second gear for a roll start?

    Thanks again
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd. All have their benefits, I'm a 2nd man myself.

    1st will get the engine revving highest (best chance of starting), but it wouldnt supprise me if the sudden jolt will kick you off, dropping your bike.
    2nd will have a little jolt, but lower rpm, but not so low as to not start your bike if you are moving it at decent speed.
    3rd will have next to no jolt, but very low rpm, meaning the least chance of starting (disregarding 4/5/6)

    I really recommend 2nd if you are doing it yourself, and if you are doing it yourself, what method? Sit and waddle as fast as you can (what i do) or run beside it pushing it then jumping on (what i do with dirtbikes i dont mind dropping)
  7. yep thought so, thanks for the info, will give it a shot!
  8. Yeah i had the exact same problem, you'll notice the battery will 'lose' power when its cold. It took a few shots to get it started and then the final straw was at work when it wouldnt start, had to jump start it (not an easy thing to do)

    Note if your bike is EFi and theres not enough juice to get the electricals working then forget about it.

    I bought a new battery for it (not cheap) and works fine now. Cheapest place for batteries Battery Stop - you can get them for $220... alot better than $290 quoted at other bike shops/.
  9. Well, you can bike batteries for like $65 but they obviously wont last as long as the on your bought. And on old batteries, always check that the terminals where it connects to the leads arent dirty. It makes a big dif...
  10. I paid $69 for mine vs the Yuasa one at $149 and have been assured there really is no difference between them. They seem to be identical in all markings except for the Y sticker. :?
  11. It definatly seems like a flat battery as I couldnt even roll start it last night! Hardly any juice left!

    I have a car battery charger would this be ok for the mean time to use?? Are bike batteries 6 volt??

    Also, where in Melbourne is the best place to buy bike batteries? I am on the South East side!

  12. I just had a thought, is a car ok to jump start a bike?? as the coltage is different??
  13. voltage is the same, 12V or so... Don't know about jump starting it though...
  14. so what was the problem?